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Re: Q&A with Frank

Post by ExTSR » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:32 pm

stebehil wrote:I´m curious about the german translations of Basic D&D back in the 80ies. As far as I have read, you were involved in that process (and still had corrected typoscripts of some translated products a few years ago, as I just found on the Acaeum). Can you tell us/me about the translations process and the german company involved?

French and German were TSR's first attempts at non-English language products. The French process began with Moldvay's D&D edition and related adventures. It was revised/expanded, and German added, in the early "red box" days. My ex-wife (now Penny Williams) knew sufficient German and Gamer to handle several early manuscript translations for TSR International (VP Andre Moullin, a French citizen), and I still have some of the original mss.

I don't recall what European companies were involved. However, Acaeum member Javier Murillo (Madrid, Spain) has become the top expert on international editions of AD&D 1e & 2e, BECMI, and other D&D products. He would have lots of accurate info, and samples of everything. I only have 30-year-old memories.

Frank Mentzer
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Re: Q&A with Frank

Post by stebehil » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:09 pm


thank you for your super-fast reply. I´ll see what I can dig up beyond what I´ve already gotten.

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