Recruiting Playtesters for [Whiteleaf]

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Recruiting Playtesters for [Whiteleaf]

Post by willpell » Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:12 pm

I'd like to get together some players for a very small, very targeted playtest session - a very short run, probably using some Wotco-published dungeon, whose entire purpose is to test a set of homebrew races which I've created. They're a variant on the existing rules for the Genasi (humans with an elemental bloodline), which are presented in Forgotten Realms campaign material but which I found unsatisfying. The racial traits are described here, with very minimal flavor attached (I figure that most D&D players can wrap their brains around the concept of an element-blooded humanoid by now, so I didn't feel much need to wax loquacious, as I usually do). While the rules may still require a bit of tweaking, they are mostly finalized, and I think it's time to actually get them tried out.

Ideally, I'd like to get together four PCs (although I would also happily accept eight; numbers in between might be problematic), one from each of the four Genasi bloodlines. Flavor will be minimal by my standards; the House names are still being decided, so you can either use the slightly crappy codenames I've assigned, or just refer to yourself by element. While it might be good to have the party be a classic fighter-wizard-cleric-rogue mix, I'd also be happy to see some people multiclassing in order to delve into the Favored Class rules, using my selections for the four races (so it'd be fun if the Earthbones was a multiclass barbarian-fighter rather than a straight barbarian, so that he could start having issues if he tries to divert into Warblade after taking more than two Fighter levels).

Characters start at ECL 2, meaning one class level and the +1 LA from each of these races. Plan on strict RAW beyond the most obvious common-sense spot rulings, although special DM dispensation is always possible if you come up with a really cool idea). EXP and Treasure output will both be doubled, in order to fast-forward through the leveling process. Game will be tactical and combat-heavy rather than roleplay-centric, in sharp contrast to my usual preferences; you'll pretty much just go clean out a dungeon full of Obviously-OK-To-Kill monsters and head home with the loot, not much in the way of social consequences involved. Nice and simple, to give my rusty GM skills a chance to get back into the habit of functioning, and to keep the results of playtesting as clear as possible.

Please post here or PM if interested.

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