[Sarunia] A little bit of Elven history

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[Sarunia] A little bit of Elven history

Post by Angel Tarragon » Tue May 05, 2015 12:19 am

So I was watching a video on YouTube and it got me to thinking about the Elves of Sarûnia. I knew that they elves are pretty much a unified race with a theosophist outlook and mentality. Why? Well I finally have my answer. They are are responsible for a breach in the cosmology, allowing necrotic energy to seep into the world and create the undead, in their hubris for eldritch secrets they caused this to happen. Over the course of a few millenia they realized hat they had done and realized that they needed to fix this problem. So they became unified to try to find a way to create nexus points where positive energy is released on a controlled level. Research has allowed them to become biological vessels that are living nexus points (see the soul aspect of the Elven Exemplar paragon path) in order to better combat the undead threat.

So far they have yet to unlock any secrets of creating physical devices to act as nexus points, but they are currently working on creating devices similar to arcanum crystals that would act as a repository for positive energy instead of magical energy.
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