Razor Coast in the Scarred Lands?

150 years after the defeat of the Titans, the world remains scarred and untamed.
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Razor Coast in the Scarred Lands?

Post by Caesar Slaad » Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:28 pm

I'm not sure if anyone else is on the same place on the Venn diagram as I find myself in, but I have started a Scarred Lands campaign in Pathfinder which is now up to 5th level. I had two other campaigns I had been meaning to run come online faster than I exepected. So I'm a little busier than when I started.

Razor Coast is a campaign I've wanted to run, and it fits the current level of the campaign nicely. But it may take a little tweaking to make it fit the Scarred Lands setting.

I few things I am considering:
1) Where is the Razor Coast? I'm thinking since the Lost Lands book is sketchier than Ghelspad and Termana, I might be able to put it near Asherak or the Dragon Lands, as an oversea colony of Darakeene that got spun off/forgotten during the godswar
2) Who is Dajobas, the shark god? A new demigod (perhaps a child of Kadum?) A guise of Belsameth?
3) Guns have not been part of my Scarred Lands campaign, having more of an ancient Greek feel. Do I bring them in here? Where did they come from?

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