Lihr ("Living Scarred Lands")

150 years after the defeat of the Titans, the world remains scarred and untamed.
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Lihr ("Living Scarred Lands")

Post by Big Mac » Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:06 pm

Lihr is a dynamic independent campaign set in Sword and Sorcery's Scarred Lands, and is very similar to the "Living" campaigns run by the RPGA. I had never heard about this until today, and just stumbled onto it. Here is the blurb from their homepage:
Lihr wrote:First there was the tranquil and quiet hope of the city of Silverlode, and then the barbarian hordes came sweeping off the plains, burning, pillaging and destroying everything in their path. Forced to flee upon the Blood Sea, battered, bereaved and bereft, they were thrown at a god's whim on an unknown shore!

The survivors came upon an ancient abandoned elven tree city named for its goddess Lihr, and through hard work and tenacity molded themselves a new home there. They have been joined by others guided there variously by the design or the whimsy of the gods.

The land still bears many scars of the war between the gods and the titans, and old allegiances still persist. The new Lihrians have had to tread carefully as they make new allies - and enemies. After re-awakening the sentient trees of the city and struggling to create a stable society, an ancient prophecy speaking of 5 Black Dragons despoiling Lihr cast new doubt on their survival.

The prophecy has been fulfilled. Through the heroism of its citizens the Black Dragons have been destroyed and the goddess Lihr brought back from the dead, though at great cost.

4 years after the sack of Silverlode, a portal has been opened connecting the two cities, furthermore, the goddess has sent one of her trees through.

Over the last two years the ruins of Silverlode have been restored, and trade routes have been established with Mithril and Narvindel

New threats and challenges inevitably await, both in Lihr and in Silverlode...


Join this dynamic independent campaign set in White Wolf's Scarred Lands, where what you the player does directly influences the world around you.
The team are committed to bringing you the best role-playing experience possible.
Every scenario on every table is played on that one table and never repeated, ensuring that your experience is individual and unique.
Has anyone here seen this before? It looks pretty interesting and they do have a few downloads that might be useful to Scarred Lands GMs.
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