Traveller Day (May Day)

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Traveller Day (May Day)

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Recently, Marc Miller, said this in the Traveller RPG Headquarters group on Facebook:
Marc Miller on Facebook wrote:You can expect that Star Wars people will post something about "May The Fourth (Be With You)" on May 4, but Traveller has always claimed May 1st as its day.
So CyborgPrime set up a Facebook event called: Traveller Day (May Day):
CyborgPrime wrote:Mayday! Mayday!
Join us in celebrating the world's best-selling sci-fi RPG: Traveller.

We are planning some fun activities to celebrate, including:
** INTERVIEWS with Traveller and sci-fi publishers:
- - KEYNOTE Interview with Marc Miller about his career in game design and his upcoming Kickstarter: ... ts/2488646

-- Interview with John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games
-- Interview with Omer Golan-Joel of Stellagama Publishing

Join us for a live Panel Discussion, and broadcast of recorded interviews:

- - 20% off CyborgPrime Publishing PDF's at DriveThruRPG May 1-3, 2019 ... Publishing

- - 35% off Gypsy Knights Games PDF's at DriveThruRPG April 30 - May 9, 2019 ... ghts-Games

- - Pirates of Drinax *physical copy* sponsored by Mongoose Publishing ... rinax.html

-- Any 3 Titles on PDF (Winner's choice!) from Gypsy Knights Games ... ghts-Games

-- MODES: Object Quality System PDF from Verdigris Press ... gris-Press

-- HOSTILE, and two supplements to go with it: Alien Breeds and Marine Corps Handbook 2215 from Zozer Games ... ozer-Games

-- Vehicle Design guide from Ian Stead ... sign-Guide

-- Sci-Fi RPG Starter Pack from Frank Succardi at CyborPrime Publishing ... ack-BUNDLE

- MORE! (watch this space)

I'll post more here as the schedule solidifies.

If you think this sounds fun, we do stuff like this all the time at Traveller RPG Headquarters JOIN US!

Has anyone heard about anyone celebrating Traveller Day (May Day) before?

Are you interested in the interviews? Are you interested in the special offers? Would you run a game for a future Traveller Day (May Day)?
David "Big Mac" Shepheard
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Re: Traveller Day (May Day)

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First I've heard of it. If I could find a group locally and maintain it for a year, I'd definitely celebrate it with the first edition of the game.

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