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Re: [Traveller] Other Traveller Websites (& Free Downloads)

Post by Big Mac » Sat Oct 20, 2012 2:35 pm

chatdemon wrote:Expanding the list:

The Zhodani Base
Traveller in the 3rd Dimension
Halfway Station - Traveller
Traveller's Log
The Lair of Evil Dr. Ganymede
Stellar Reaches
Alkonost Rising
8:05 p.m.
Alex Schroeder: Traveller
The Art of Ian Stead - Traveller
Halfway Station
Traveller Map News
My Own Private Universe
Tales of the Neophyte Travellers

Citizens of the Imperium
Mongoose Publishing :: Traveller
TAS-Net - Index
The Piazza forum - Traveller

A Site for the Game of Traveller
Æther Traveller
Andrew's Traveller Page
Beowulf Down
Bobson's Tools
Crucible Highport: A Traveller Web Site
Daryen's Traveller Page
Don's Traveller Page
Elv's Traveller Haven
Far Future Action
Far Future Enterprises
Freelance Traveller
GURPS Traveller
High Tortuga
History of the Imperium Working Group
Shanghai Stars
Interactive Atlas of the Imperium
Stellar Reaches
Pocket Empires for Traveller
John Andrew Keith Memorial Site
Journal of the Travellers Aid Society
Mark Seemann's Traveller page
Mongoose Publishing : Traveller
Paper Games Division
Second Life Traveller
Security Leak Magazine (TM)
Sturn's Traveller Resources
Swordworlder's Traveller Downport
The Draconis Cluster Taveller Pages
The Great TML Landgrab - Downport.com
The Mercenary's Guide to Weapons
Traveller 3D - Science Fiction Art in the Far Future
Traveller Freeport
Traveller in the DED Zone
Traveller Index for vrhome
Traveller Map
Traveller News Service
Traveller RPG Wiki
Traveller Trader
Traveller Web Portal :: Downport.com
Traveller, Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Walt Smith's Traveller Page
Welcome to Jackson Downport!
Welcome to the Patinir Belt
Welcome to Traveller Central
Welcome To Traveller The Phoenix Project, Science Role Playing in the Third Imperium

Email Discussion Groups
Traveller Mailing List (TML)
Traveller Mailing List (TML) - Chat (off topic discussions)
Yahoo! Groups : 2300 Non-Canon
Yahoo! Groups : Classic Traveller
Yahoo! Groups : Classic Traveller Starships
Yahoo! Groups : Classic Traveller Striker
Yahoo! Groups : Fan Aids for Mongoose Traveller
Yahoo! Groups : GDWHouseRules
Yahoo! Groups : scroobyblue
Yahoo! Groups : Solomani_Confederation
Yahoo! Groups : TAS Access Terminal Project
Yahoo! Groups : The Fantasy Trip Traveller
Yahoo! Groups : The Spinward Traveller
Yahoo! Groups : The Ultimate Sci Fi Role Playing Game
Yahoo! Groups : The Zine for THE Game
Yahoo! Groups : Traveller Deckplans Mailing List
Yahoo! Groups : Traveller Downport
Yahoo! Groups : Traveller T20 TAS Lounge
Yahoo! Groups : Traveller_FullThrust
Yahoo! Groups : Traveller-TNE
Amazing list. There is far too much to get into the top post in one go, so I'm going to cross out links in this reply as I add them to the top.
Twin Agate Dragons wrote:Campaign 1: Secrets of the Ancients
That link is dead, but I think that this is the same thing: I've also found a couple of freebies from Spica Publishing, who make a Traveller setting called Outer Veil: I'll post again, when I've had time to get some of the other links copied into the first post.
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