Campaign 2: The Pirates of Drinax

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Campaign 2: The Pirates of Drinax

Post by Big Mac » Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:51 pm

There is a free Traveller PDF on the Mongoose website, called Campaign 2: The Pirates of Drinax. If you have not already seen this, it is worth grabbing.

I don't know much about Traveller, so I'm not sure where the Drinax area fits into the rest of the Travller universe, but from what Mongoose said on their Facebook page, they are going to turn this into something bigger, later this year:
Mongoose on their official Facebook page wrote:You have all seen the Pirates of Drinax campaign, right? That massive, epic campaign for Traveller that we serialised and are still giving away for free on our web site? ... rinax.html

Well, we have been looking to do something really special with the campaign that we truly believe is the best yet written for Traveller (coming from the pen of Gareth Hanrahan, how could it be anything else, eh?).

We did consider some sort of Kickstarter based around it - not for a book release itself (that is coming anyway, stand by!), but for various knick-knacks and gee-gaws associated with it.

Nice idea in theory, but it just seemed to... lack something.

So, Idea Number Two, and the one we are going to proceed with...

At the bottom end of this year (currently October-ish, but we take as long as is needed on books, rather than slaving ourselves to deadlines) we will be releasing the Pirates of Drinax epic campaign as a superb double, full colour hardback set, shipped together in a slipcase, (probably) with giant poster sector map, containing everything you have already seen in the campaign, re-ordered and re-edited for best reference, updated to the new rules, and with a huge amount of additional support material to enhance your games set within the Trojan Reach.

Keep your eyes out for this one - this is going to be Traveller gaming at its very best.
I'm not sure how many pages might be in these two hardbacks, but how does a double-hardback campaign compare to other Traveller products/settings that have been released over the years?
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Re: Campaign 2: The Pirates of Drinax

Post by The Dark » Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:47 pm

Drinax is in Trojan Reach Sector, a borderland between the Third Imperium and the Aslan Hierate, with a lot of small independent systems. About 45% of the star systems are Imperial, 34% Aslan, 8% Florian League, and 13% independent. It's directly "south" of the Spinward Marches and "southwest" of Deneb. It first appeared in CT Leviathan (which described two of its subsectors), and was first completely described in MegaTraveller (in two of the Alien books, plus Travellers' Digest and MegaTraveller Journal).

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