[Kickstarter] The Great Rift & Deep Space Exploration

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[Kickstarter] The Great Rift & Deep Space Exploration

Post by Havard » Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:30 pm

Welcome to the Great Rift, a mostly unexplored region of the Third Imperium universe close to the Spinward Marches and Trojan Reach!

This Kickstarter project is to create a brand new box set for the Traveller roleplaying game, detailing not only the sectors of the Great Rift but also providing a comprehensive guide to deep space exploration and the mysteries that can be found far from the shipping lanes.

You can download preview PDFs showing some of the content right here:

Preview of the Deep Space Exploration Handbook
Preview of the Armstrong-class Exploration Vessel
Preview of the Vestus Subsector
New Sector Map of Reft

The Great Rift box set will contain:

Two full colour, 96 page books covering Corridor, Reft, Riftspan Reaches and Touchstone sectors.
Two gigantic (28" x 48") two-sided, full colour sector maps.
The Deep Space Exploration Handbook, a 32 page book featuring all the rules needed to conduct deep space exploration, plus the specially designed ships needed to traverse the void.

Exploring the Great Rift

We have done 'sector books' in the past but, with the new edition of Traveller, we wanted to kick things up a notch. You will first see this in the forthcoming Pirates of Drinax campaign, which details the Trojan Reach, and we are bringing forward the same approach to the sectors of the Great Rift.

As well as the histories and worlds of the explored systems, each sector includes rules on its own unique vehicles, spacecraft, aliens, animals and diseases. While you read about the great agricultural-transfer ships that service the population of Oleiros, you will also see complete High Guard statistics and deck plans for them. As you discover the vicious meteor swarms of R'Bak, you will be provided with the rules to inflict them upon passing ships.

In a nutshell, you are not only getting four sectors in the Great Rift, you are also receiving everything needed to incorporate them into actual game play.

But that is not all.

The Great Rift provides us with an opportunity to turn away from civilised space and begin exploring the truly dark corners of the Third Imperium universe. This box set allows Travellers to tune their sensors to empty regions of space, identify anomalies of interest, and then begin huge multi-jump voyages to truly uncover the unknown.

This is where the Deep Space Exploration Handbook comes in.

We really like this book!

It begins by showing Travellers how to investigate an otherwise empty 'hex' on sector maps, by the use of sensors, scouring astronomical data, voyaging into deep space, and even listening to veteran spacers in the local starport. All this is taken into account when the Travellers attempt to find out what might lie then.

The Handbook then takes you on a journey through what may be found in the depths of space - anything from fully-fledged systems, proto-stars just forming, nebulae and, of course, black holes (and yes, we have rules for what happens to your ship in all these places!).

An expanded star creation system takes the referee through the process of generating brand new worlds, from the central star(s) to the furthest planetoids, complete with guidance on assigning orbital positions.

Finally, the book is rounded off with a selection of spacecraft dedicated to investigating the unknown and supporting deep space expeditions, including the Armstrong-class exploration vessel featured on the front of the box, a rugged and reasonably priced 1,000 ton ship that will be perfect for Travellers to begin their own expeditions.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/19 ... ace-explor

This looks pretty interesting. I am especially intrigued by the Pirates of Drinax campaign. Has anyone here checked out this Kickstarter?


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Re: [Kickstarter] The Great Rift & Deep Space Exploration

Post by Michael Silverbane » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:19 pm

I have not, but I am super interested in the deep space exploration stuff, and am going to look into it very soon.

Thanks for sharing this.
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Re: [Kickstarter] The Great Rift & Deep Space Exploration

Post by BlackBat242 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:22 am

OK, I had a question about this... specifically, T5 or MGT (Traveller 5th edition, by Marc Miller - or Mongoose Traveller - both currently in print), but nothing there actually stated which system.

Until the very last, where the next-to-last paragraph states:
Second, we have brought Traveller-writer Martin J Dougherty on board to pen the Great Rift. Not only is Mr Dougherty a regular fan-favourite among veteran Travellers, he is also a true professional and one of the most reliable writers Mongoose has ever worked with in our 16 years of business.

So, MGT.
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