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Re: My Freeport Campaign

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2/16--"Fair Salvage"
In preparation for Squidfest, the heroes de-petrified some of the pixies and prostitutes rescued from the Torchlight Academy, and decorated the bar with sea serpent spines. The event was a huge success, including a quiet visit from the Sea Lady (a favor they called in by leveraging the work that they did involving her brother). During the festivities, Laria Syrtis visited. She agreed to lead them to an island where a wrecked vessel similar to the dimensional galleon could be found. On the island, the PCs fought off giant flytraps (which Stout commanded), a froghemoth (disintegrated by Edden) and then a pack of chuuls. After gathering what materials they could salvage, they set sail for Freeport. En route they were set upon by Captain Kothar the Accursed and the Winds of Hell, but the PCs made quick work of that enemy.

2/23--"The Cult"

The next step in their work involved the PCs going to meet with the civilized serpent people. The journey through the sewers brought run-ins with ropers and an advanced devourer. Meeting with T'Lother, the PCs arranged to trade knowledge crystal for time in the serpent people's library. As they were finishing, a neothelid appeared out of nowhere to attack. They defeated it. On returning to the Sign of the Aboleth Skull, they found a note: "I assure you that it is nothing personal. L d'A."
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