Freeport Templars

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Freeport Templars

Postby scottmetzger » Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:41 pm

I am running a Freeport Campaign using 3.5 rules.
My players are almost done with the Feeport Trilogy.
- They are in the 2nd level of the lighthouse
- They skipped Black Beard section of the caves and plan to go back after making sure they save the world

My campaign world is a psuedo earth circa 1200.
- Catholic church plays a big role
- the church has become corrupt and in general not concerned or is oblivious to the general rise of evil around the world
- PCs are the good guys in the church. They are part of a group called the Templars and have been trained in Rome by a Paladin. The Templars have limited resources and are not always welcome where they go.

Due to their training all PCs get
+1 training bonus to Knowledge Religion
Knowledge Religion is a class skill
Hero Points - given out very infrequently. A hero point can be used to do something that would normally be impossible (usually used to avoid death)

- Placed in Malta
- Temples in Freeport are dedicated to different saints

The PCs
- Splinter - Ratling Rogue
- Deenin - Grey Elf Summoner
- Alonzo - Hellbind Paladin
- Tolliver - Dwarf Cleric
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Re: Freeport Templars

Postby scottmetzger » Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:57 pm

Tolliver the Dwarven Cleric sacrificed his blood to get the Jade Serpent.
I have already ruled that the Con loss cannot be recovered with a Greater Restoration.

Tolliver has not learned how to use the artifact yet.
I have changed the jade Serpent to be the staff of Moses with the bronze snake (save Israelites from poisonous snakes when wandering in the wilderness)

Here is what I am thinking for powers...
Staff of Moses/Jade Serpent
Appearance - 6’ hardwood staff with a jade serpent entwined around the top. jade is actually inlaid over bronze.

Powers for User
Grants user the Item Familiar Feat and acts as the Item Familiar
- Obtaining Greater Powers does not cost any gold pieces
Immune to Poison
Substitute Strength in place of Charisma for all Turn or positive energy channeling based checks and prerequisites.
Spell Storing
- One spell of any level can be cast into the staff.
- User can use this as part of activating the immovable rod or completely separate action. If it is used as part of the immovable rod activation, one cannot also use one of the innate spells. Spell will act normally and will not get the ‘all allies who touch it’ ability
Immovable Rod - can be stood upright and activated (move or standard action) as an immovable rod (truly immovable e.g. not even a DC 30 check can move it). Only the user can activate or deactivate the rod (move or standard action)

Effects While Activated as Immovable Rod
All Allies who can see the rod gain +2 sv vs poison
3/day the rod can be activated to cast a spell. This is 3 activations per day, not 3 spell castings per day. An activation lasts until the user deactivates the immovable rod.
- Protection from Evil - each ally who touches (free action) the activated rod gains the effects of the spell.
- Resist Energy (when user is 5th level or higher) - each ally who touches (free action) the activated rod gains the effects of the spell.

Comments welcome on the abilities of the staff
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