How do people use Yig's coils in the world of Freeport?

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How do people use Yig's coils in the world of Freeport?

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The coils of Yig, that somehow draw parts of other worlds into the world of Freeport have come up in a couple of other topics: The concept of the Serpent God reacing out to clutch parts of other worlds and draw them into the world of Freeport is very interesting (from an in-character point-of-view) but it also feels like it could have started off as a bit of a hand-wave to make up for the Freeport line not giving GMs a full set of of trading routes and destinations (from an out-of-character point of view).

Has anyone got any thoughts on how to make the best out of the concept of Yig's coils?

I can see how, at it's best, the concept could be used to allow GMs to import every nautical sourcebook they own, but the thing with Yig's coils gives GMs the option to do more than just file off the serial numbers of other locations. It allows for some sort of shared canon.

Tim said "connected worlds are vulnerable to events originating in other realms" in my map topic. So would you have locations periodically vanish? Would things like Greyhawk's Rain of Colourless Fire, Dragonlance's Cataclysm and Forgotten Realm's Spellplague be enough to disconnect a borrowed realm?

And what sort of things would you used to tie into new lands arriving on the world of Freeport? Would you tie this into things like snake gods in other settings or Yuan-ti cults?
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