Anyone got Hellfrost: Land of Fire?

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Anyone got Hellfrost: Land of Fire?

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Two years back, I mentioned, over in The Wishing Well, that there was a Kickstarter for Hellfrost: Land of Fire. Now the product line is out (and it seems to be on sale right now).

For anyone who, like me, did not do the Kickstarter, and who does not own any of the Land of Fire products, you can get an idea of what the product line is, from Hellfrost: Land of Fire FREE sampler and Hellfrost Land of Fire Calendar.

As well as a Hellfrost: Land of Fire campaign setting book, a Hellfrost Land of Fire Players Guide* and an adventure book called Tales from the Sands there seems to be twenty one different realm guides (which all seem to be short PDFs).

* = Hellfrost Land of Fire Players Guide seems to be the campaign setting with GM only information removed, so I wouldn't personally bother with it. I would just buy the campaign setting instead.

Has anyone here done the Kickstarter, or bought any of these Land of Fire books? Are any of them any good? How easy would it be to raid ideas from the campaign setting and use them in Al-Qadim? How easy would it be to reboot the adventures? And could any of the realms be ported over to Zakhara?
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