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Al-Qadim Equipment for 5th Edition

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:59 pm
by Big Mac
Role Play Craft are putting together a netbook called: Al-Qadim Equipment for 5th Edition. Richard Green mentioned this on Faceborg, but I thought I would mention it here. Here is what they say about their download:
Role Play Craft wrote:I’ve been running Al-Qadim (well I have ran one session anyway) converting on the fly to 5th edition. I soon realized that I wanted to get a weapons, armor, and gear list set up for use with it, as a lot of the weapons and armor you see in Al-Qadim are different and there is quite a bit of variety in their goods and services.

So, I’ve spent two manic days putting this monstrous PDF together. I’ve come up with the items and prices based on scouring through the Al-Qadim books, the 2e Player’s Handbook, comparing it to the 5e Player’s Handbook, and a good bit of my own fiat. I’ve added even more items to the lists from the 2e Al-Qadim books that I felt were missing (no coffee beans listed for trade goods? come on!). I also made a table of clothing sets to give examples of how the clothing listed before that might be used by different people in the Land of Fate.
Have a look and see what you think.

Is there anything missing?

Re: Al-Qadim Equipment for 5th Edition

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:38 pm
by Havard
Nice resource! I like that they are giving it away for free.


Re: Al-Qadim Equipment for 5th Edition

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:30 am
by Tim Baker
That's an impressive list. I'm sure it's not exhaustive, but it's certainly plenty to get a campaign started in Zakhara. As Havard mentioned, it's really cool that it's available for free.