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Zakharan Bestiary available for D&D 5e

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:43 pm
by Tim Baker
Over at the DM's Guild, Leonaru has converted 76 pages worth of Zakharan monsters to 5e for your Al-Qadim-running convenience. There are over 150 AD&D 2nd Edition monsters, now available for easy inclusion in a 5e game.
DriveThru RPG wrote:Zakharan Bestiary - Monsters of Al-Qadim

Welcome to the Zakharan Bestiary! This book holds more than a hundred and fifty monsters from the Al-Qadim™ campaign setting for your Dungeons & Dragons™ 5th Edition campaigns.

There are countless genies and elementals, the terrifying roc, the yakfolk of the World Pillar Mountains, giant fire-breathing wasps, living idols from ages long gone, serpentine monstrosities from the Ruined Kingdoms, the dreaded ghuls, and many, many more.
I'm no expert at 5e monster stats, but flipping through the book, it covers each of the iconic Al-Qadim monsters I initially thought of off the top of my head.