[FantasyAGE] The Sha’ir for Fantasy AGE

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[FantasyAGE] The Sha’ir for Fantasy AGE

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I just saw Chris Pramas post this on Twitter:
Chris Pramas on Twitter wrote:I converted the sha'ir from D&D's Al-Qadim setting to my own Fantasy AGE RPG. I've put the rules up on my blog if you'd like to take a look.
Here is the introduction to the The Sha’ir for Fantasy AGE article on his Ex-Teenage Rebel blog:
Chris Pramas at the Ex-Teenage Rebel blog wrote:The Sha’ir for Fantasy AGE
Posted on September 22, 2019 by Chris

We are in the process of reviving our old game group, and a few weeks ago we got together to talk about what we might want to play. I was surprised that the most popular choice was Al-Qadim, TSR’s Arabian D&D setting from the early 90s. It’s something I’ve always liked but never got to play, so I didn’t take much convincing to GM it. I decided, however, to use my own Fantasy AGE rules rather than D&D. I didn’t want to use Second Edition AD&D and if I was going to spend time converting things, I’d rather do it for Fantasy AGE than Fifth Edition.

For the most part, converting material over is easy enough. Turns out I was a little cavalier about handling the sha’ir though. As they are a key element of Al-Qadim and Nicole wanted to play one, I definitely wanted to include sha’ir in the campaign. I sat down this weekend and took a first crack at doing so and I figured I might as well toss them up on my long-neglected blog so other folks could have a look. I decided early on that I wanted to make sha’ir a mage specialization but figuring out how to best represent their various abilities in Fantasy AGE took some consideration. I ultimately decided to make a lot of their abilities spells and created a Genie Arcana to house them.

Old Al-Qadim fans may note a couple of things. First, I cut down the amount of time it takes gen to find spells for the sha’ir. This at least gives a chance for a mage to get a Novice spell during a combat encounter, though more powerful spells must be sought during narrative time. Second, since sha’ir is simply a specialization for the mage class, this means they will have regular spells to cast. Basically, I wanted to make sure they had something more than arcane blast to play with while the gen was off fetching other spells. Since the core sha’ir abilities require both an arcana and a specialization though, I don’t think they’ll overpower other kinds of mages.

The rules I designed follow. First there’s the Genie Arcana and its spells, then the sha’ir specialization and the rules for gen fetching spells. Enjoy1
There are additional rules under that section.

What do you think of them? Do they give AGE the right feel for an Al-Qadim campaign?
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Re: [FantasyAGE] The Sha’ir for Fantasy AGE

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Not exactly, but it's in the right ballpark. I'd call it good and get on to torturing^H^H^H^H entertaining players.

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Re: [FantasyAGE] The Sha’ir for Fantasy AGE

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Big Mac wrote:
Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:37 pm
What do you think of them?
I'm about to use the arcana and specialization in a game my friend is starting. I'm pretty excited, NGL
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