[Pelinore.org] Welcome (Introducing Pelinore)

"The World of Pelinore is flat - everyone knows that…"
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[Pelinore.org] Welcome (Introducing Pelinore)

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Welcome to Pelinore Revived
Pelinore.org wrote:The campaign setting named Pelinore made its first official ‘named’ appearance in issue #16 of TSR UK Ltd’s Imagine Magazine, which was published in July 1984, and continued in every issue until Imagine Magazine was discontinued in September 1985. Mini-modules located in the setting appeared in earlier editions of Imagine Magazine, such as ‘The Beacon at Enon-Tor’ that appeared in issue #1 (published in April 1983). These mini-modules were collected and re-printed in a special edition of Imagine Magazine in 1984, and the special edition was also devoted to (and included further information about) the Pelinore campaign setting.

Moreover, following the demise of Imagine Magazine, former staff members continued to publish material pertaining to Pelinore in GameMaster Publications issues GM1 to GM5. It is unfortunate that I was not able to buy these publications; probably a side effect of having grown up in one of the UK’s many rural backwaters where they were not readily available.

To me and my gaming friends, Pelinore was a unique setting that offered great potential. Centred on ‘The City League’ and it’s neighbouring ‘Domains’, the published material was well detailed whilst also sufficiently vague, and included enough blank spaces for development by the imaginative DM. Many playing hours ensued, resulting in cherished memories of a particular location or non-player character.

Imagine Magazine even invited submissions from its readers. It is with this invitation in mind that I have set out to update and re-present the Pelinore setting, moving the timeline along 25 years (roughly the same amount of time that has passed since the last publication of Imagine Magazine). I must stress, however, that I will not be providing links to pdf versions of the previously printed material, nor will any articles published here be a copy of that material. That said, I will be redrawing some of the maps and reproducing some information in a revised, possibly expanded (or, where appropriate, abbreviated) form, but only to the extent that it is relevant to the updated background, geography, plotlines and modules that I will be presenting.

It is my sincere hope that there are many OOP (Out Of Print) gamers out there who remember this setting and appreciate, enjoy and use what I will present in the future. I also hope that there are many more who have never experienced this setting before and who may come to enjoy it as much as I have. Nevertheless, if you so desire, you may take as much or as little of the material I present as you like and use it in your own homebrew setting.
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Enquiries can be made to pelinorerevived@gmail.com

The above is the first in a series of threads that will preserve the information previously contained on the now defunct pelinore.org website. This is done in agreement with the web master / author of that website.

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