[Pelinore.org] The Principality and Kingdom of Korrath

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[Pelinore.org] The Principality and Kingdom of Korrath

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The Principality and Kingdom of Korrath

To the West of Cerwyn, connected only by a mountain pass through the Kahgaz Mountains, lie the Kingdom and the Principality of Korrath.

The Principality of Korrath, which is little more than the port of Emear and its surrounding fields, is the domain traditionally conferred upon the second born of the monarch of the Kingdom of Korrath, but only for the lifetime of the King or Queen. On the death of the monarch, the first born assumes the monarchy and the second born (Prince of Korrath) becomes the High Lord of Korrath, chief adviser of the new monarch and Marshall of the Korrath Army.

The system has ensured stable government under the same family, the House Vos Ambry, for more than 500 years. Provision is made for the monarch to be well schooled in the theory of politics and rulership, while the High Lord has the practical experience and cannot cause too much harm while learning the ropes of government.

The two halves of Korrath have different coinage and legal systems, but a unified feudal army and fiscal policy. All taxes go to the Royal Treasury at Corratical.

In the last 25 years since Flavus Barnabus became Count of Cerwyn, and more recently the Duke of Lygol, the current King Borutes I has offered safe haven and sanctuary to the noble families from Cerwyn, Berduth and Kalos who were dispossessed of their lands and titles. Many of these noblemen and women have entered into the service of the Korrath Army under High Lord Verantian, where they learn the values of chivalry and honour and prepare themselves for the day when Flavus Barnabus can be removed from his place as Count of Cerwyn and Duke of Lygol. Diplomats from the Royal Courts of Korrath have been sent out to the neighbouring domains of the City League, Poritas, Kosre and the Cammarus See to garner support against the Duke. It is for these reasons that travellers who come eastwards through the Kahgaz pass are less than welcome in the Duchy of Lygol.

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