[Pelinore.org] The Nature of Pelinore

"The World of Pelinore is flat - everyone knows that…"
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[Pelinore.org] The Nature of Pelinore

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The Nature of Pelinore
Pelinore.org wrote:From the pen of Alstaran d'Obolio, Chief Rotemaster of the School of Pelinorean Studies of the Order of Heralds, Recording at the School of Worldly and Theological Studies in the City League, this Obrerra in the Second Week of Pharast in the 201st Year CC.

For those who don’t know or who are incapable of accepting the truth, the world of Pelinore is flat. At its centre, where harmony reigns supreme, is Worldheart; a place so totally incomprehensible to mortals that they most likely would not recognise it if they found it. Worldheart is the goal of all those who would seek physical immortality, although the frame of mind needed to achieve such a goal evades many if not all those who would seek it.

Moving away from Worldheart, one would find the Perfect Kingdoms which is home of the exalted ones that walk with the Seven Great Kings. Even farther from Worldheart and the Perfect Kingdoms, the traveller would find that harmony yields to increasingly greater degrees of conflict between absolute extremes of law and chaos, good and evil. It is here that the traveller may pass through realms such as Dontaldur, the Splintered Lands, The Tradecities of Xir, the Theocratic Principalities, and the Domains. This is where the power struggles of the gods, whose influence diminishes the closer they come to Worldheart, are fought out vicariously through the denizens of those lands: human, demi-human, humanoid, and monstrous; each having their own variety of cultures, creeds, and gods. These are the lands of adventure where fame (or infamy) can be sought and fortunes can be made or broken.

As one travels even closer to the Rim, one would find that absolutes reign; bringing new forms into existence and where even the gods do not remain unchanged. Then finally, beyond the edge of the world, there lies a plain grey land that stretches farther than any mortal can imagine; reaching out as far as the void from where the gods came and where existence otherwise has no meaning.

One may find naysayers and deniers who proclaim most vociferously that no mortal has travelled to Worldheart and returned to tell of what can be found there or explored the meaningless expanses of the rim. They will even announce, with feigned authority, that Pelinore is round. I say to these heretics and unbelievers that they are condemned, for they do not know the nature of the world. I decree that their misguided rantings speak nothing of the knowledge of the gods and the secrets that might be revealed to us if only we remain faithful.

For it is the gods themselves who are the prime movers in the central struggle between the absolute opposites that define the nature of the world in which we live: opposites such as good versus evil; law versus chaos; life versus death; freedom versus domination; and even in those places where gravity itself may not work in the way one might expect, up versus down. The litany of conflict between these absolutes is endless.

Just as the gods are the drivers of the struggles between absolutes, then it is true that harmony becomes more apparent the closer one travels from the Rim towards Worldheart; where even the power of the gods wanes and the absolutes co-exist in tolerance and mutual acceptance. This is not to say that harmony, the goal of those who proclaim true neutrality, does not exist in those places that are far flung from Worldheart; nevertheless, the farther one gets from Worldheart the harder it is to find such harmony.

The Worldheart
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