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[Pelinore.org] The Worldheart

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Pelinore.org wrote:It is no secret to the Order of Heralds that Worldheart exists in physical reality, after all, it is in the Halls of Worldheart that the order was founded many thousands of years ago. However, to those not indoctrinated in the ways of the Heralds, Worldheart is nothing more than a rumour, an ideal so elusive to grasp that it may well be only a dream that is forgotten only moments after waking. If the ideal is grasped however, then it needs must be grasped with both hands as well as the mind, before the realisation of the dream can be given credence by the facts which surround it.

It is just as easy to insist that Worldheart exists as it is to maintain that it is nought but a place that exists metaphysically.To seek Worldheart out, one must achieve a state of mind that transcends the polarities of existence that dominate the realms of Pelinore lying halfway between the absolute realities of the rim and the harmony of hubward realms. Such a harmonious state of mind is not easily achieved and it comes with years, if not decades, of training and practice in the art of perseverance; for only the determined mind can seek Worldheart out before the mental attitude needed to do so ultimately results in the deterioration of the desire to succeed.

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