Using the Empire of Almete in Pelinore

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Using the Empire of Almete in Pelinore

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PelinoreRevived mentioned the fallen Empire of Almete in the [] About The Canon Material topic:
PelinoreRevived wrote:Imagine 12
The Tomb of Kings: this solo adventure, for Basic D&D or Tunnels and Trolls, makes reference to the fallen Empire of Almete. With some adaptation, it could be a source of material for an adventure anywhere in the Domains.
A search for Almete showed me that is also mentioned in 11 other posts on The Piazza (mostly in the Pelinore forum but once in the Mystara forum), but there has never been a topic about it. So I would like to start a topic about it now.

What is (or rather was) the Empire of Almete?

Why does The Tomb of Kings need to be "adapted" to fit into a conventional Pelinore campaign? Is it the fact that this is a solo adventure, or is there something inherently "different" between The Tomb of Kings and the "proper" Peliore source material? Does the Tomb of Kings mention anything (like six dozen moons or a land-bridge in the sky) that is incompatible with the cosmology of Pelinore? Or is the problem the style of the culture?

Could any issues be solved by "shifting" the Empire of Almete slightly further away from the core Pelinore area (and making The Tomb of Kings into Pelinore's answer to The Horde, Al-Qadim or Kara-Tur? Or do things need to be rebooted to avoid problems?

On a slightly different tack, would the Empire of Almete work as a possible Arcane Age style background for Pelinore games set in the past? If so, what other sources would be good inspiration for building up the Empire? (Would the Empire of Ravilla, from the Chainmail campaign setting be something that could work?) And are there other hints of Pelinore's past, that could help flesh out an Empire of Almete game?
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Re: Using the Empire of Almete in Pelinore

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From what I uderstand, the Empire of Almete is Pelinore's equivalent of Greyhawk's Great Kingdom, or playing the role of the Roman Empire in Arthurian legends.

It is a canonical part of Pelinore and the County of Cerwyn once formed the easternmost part of the Empire of Almete. This means that the Empire covered large parts of the Domains that are the main focus of the Pelinore setting, but also probably stretched far west of that. Some of the other places of Pelinore may also have been part of Almete, but I am not sure about that. There is more on Almete in this thread.

I don't have Imagine #12, so I cannot tell you how that fits into things, but as it references Almete it must be part of Pelinore canon.


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