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[] The County of Cerwyn

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:38 am
by Havard
The County of Cerwyn wrote:The home territory of the Flavus Barnabus, Cerwyn lies at the Northern end of the Lygol Valley to the West of the Sarpath Peaks and once boasted the most fertile farmland in the Domains. The former prosperity of the County was owed to its previously close relationship with the City League, where Cerwyn would trade its crops, fine wines and livestock. What is more, the title of Count of Cerwyn also carried with it the title Steward of the Mines; indicating that the Count also benefitted from the income from the rich silver mines near the town of Osport on Cerwyn’s Western border with the Kahgaz Mountains. Due to the ambitions of Flavus Barnabus, however, the County has seen a serious decline in its prosperity, its former wealth having been exhausted to fund the long standing military and political campaigns to unite Cerwyn with Kalos and Bereduth. Disease, famine and pestilence now blight the County and the silver mines have been all but stripped of their riches.
Cerwyn is part of the Duchy of Lygol

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