[Pelinore.org] The County of Bereduth

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[Pelinore.org] The County of Bereduth

Postby Havard » Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:49 pm

The County of Bereduth


Pelinore.org wrote:To the South of Cerwyn, higher up the Lygol Valley and on the far side of the dark and dangerous Lygol Forest, lies the County of Bereduth; another of the Domains whose title has been usurped by Flavus Barnabus. Much older and less prosperous than Cerwyn, Bereduth has struggled throughout its history against incursions from humanoid and giant aggressors from the mountain ranges to the East and West, and the wilderness to the South. By the time Bereduth grew to a sizable domain of note, Cerwyn had already established itself to the North and thus the further growth of Bereduth was stunted.

Bereduth is part of the Duchy of Lygol

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