The (almost) complete history of the Nentir Vale

The civilized world has been reduced to a series of points of light in a great wilderness of danger and monsters.
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Re: The (almost) complete history of the Nentir Vale

Post by Zeromaru X » Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:40 am

Thanks to a friend who have some of the Encounters adventures, I was finally able to finish this timeline. A brief summary of the updates, for those who don't like read testament-size posts (the last 100 years before the starting point of the campaign):

Modern Age
The Modern Age encompass the last century after the fall of Nerath.

The arid plains and dry woodlands east of Lake Sarn were virtually depopulated in the great wars that marked the end of Nerath. (DR398, p.66)

Regional wars subsided as local nobles consolidated power. Nerath finally disintegrated into independent states. Talon Pass was sacked by barbarians shortly before the collapse. (DMG, p.198; ToTP, p.1; DR364, p.30)

With the collapse of imperial authority, the noble families of Sarthel established a Council of Lords to govern the city. (DR398, p.62)

The last champions of Argent were sent to reestablish the order in the world. None of them returned and the wizard Obanar became the last guardian of the Paragon Compact. (RotG, p.6)

CY-100: The stone circle at the Witchlight Hermitage was created by lizardfolk. (DU191, p.38)

The moon Iltani exploded. Tetherya founded the Moon Catchers to found the fragments of Iltani across the World and the planes. (DR382, p.102-103)

The night hag Grigwartha led her coven to create the first boneclaw via a ritual that combines ogre parts with oni souls. (MM, p.37)

Nusemnee, the goddess of redemption, was slain by poison distilled from Zehir's blood. Because it is believed that her own blood can be distilled to make a poison that can kill Zehir, her corpse is closely guarded by cultists of Zehir in the Astral Sea. (DR390, p.47)

Nusemnee's priests and followers began to dwindle in numbers after her death, as they drift to other deities, or cease worship altogether. (DR390, p.47)

The Bleak Academy united those with an interest in necromancy, the Shadowfell, and undead in general. Skull City, the city they founded, welcomes any with the same interest, sheltering them within the bone walls provided they swear oaths to Acererak the Devourer. (DR371, p.10)

The village of Tranquility was transformed into the domain of dread the Endless Road, after its village elder, Eli Van Hassen, forced his daughter to falsely accuse a noble hero of ravishing her, and having the innocent man beheaded. (DU174, p.67-80)

The ancestors of the Bogbottom goblins passed into the Feywild. Through a deal with Baba Yaga, the goblins acquired the glamour that protects the Murkroot Trade Moot they manage. (DR393, p.6)

The demon lord Kostchtchie claimed the Iron Wastes as his own. (Demon, p.64)

After defeating his mother for territorial domination, Andraemos, a brass dragon, found the Sand Thieves, a guild of eladrin bandits that he uses to enforce his will in his domains. Also, Andraemos captured the desert city of Kashtaph and made a truce with the tribes of goblins that lives in that desert. (DrMD, p.202)

In the frozen north, a cobalt dragon named Niflung awakened for his longest slumber and dominated the region. A tribe of giants and shifters named the Talons of Winter were subjugated by the dragon to enforce his will in the region. (DrMD p.212)

The Sever: A group of dissatisfied nobles rebelled against Prince Roland the Deathless in Gloomwrought. Roland defeated the rebels. (S'fell, p.15)

Yarol won the House of Black Lanterns from the prior owner through a game of chance. (S'fell, p. 79)

Azuun Bennic, a firesoul genasi, became the City of Brass' chief ambassador to Gloomwrought. (S'fell, p.114)

Devina of House Umberfell in Gloomwrought dumped Cauldrus Barrowmere. (DU191, p.7)

CY-90, The Bloodspear War: Orcs from the Bloodspear clan swept across the Nentir Vale. Fallcrest’s army was defeated on Gardbury Downs. Fallcrest, Kobold Hall, the village of Lake Dunmere, and Fastormel were razed. (DMG, p.198, 207, 208; DM's Book, p.57; Hf, p.5)

When Fallcrest fell to the Bloodspears, Aurtus compiled the histories of the nearby lands into a tome called The Living Tome of Pelor. (DR387, pp.57-58)

The Bloodspears met their match in the necropolis of Hammerfast. Even when they conquered Hammerfast and killed all the dwarven warriors and priests posted on the fortress, most of their forces were also wiped out by the defenders. Having taking heavy loses, the orc horde abandoned Hammerfast in search of more easy targets. (Hf, p.2)

The human wizard Trasgar led an ill-fated mission to the ruins of Al'Bihel. (Fell's Five comic)

CY-80: Sir Jerold Keegan, the commander of the forces tasked with the protection of Shadowfell Keep, slaughtered many of the keep’s residents—including his own family—and them himself in a fit of madness, produced by the dread powers from the Shadowfell. In doing so, Sir Keegan was bound to the site of his dead, and became a ghost. The keep was abandoned after that. An earthquake a few years later turned the place into a ruin of tumbled stone. Sometime after, a tribe of goblins set up a lair within the subterranean chambers beneath the keep. (H1, p.34)

A slave ship returning from a successful raid was caught in a storm and beached on a small island. The slaves overwhelmed their slavers and then escaped the island before Avandra destroyed it. In its destruction a wrathful aspect of Avandra fell into the Elemental Chaos. (DU194, p.20)

Due to the fall of the Nerath Empire, the southern citadels of the dwarves were broken, and the dwarves needed a new home. Orcs also wanted to reclaim the fortress they fought so hard to conquer. Moradin and Gruumsh compacted, and allowed the dwarves to convert the necropolis of Hammerfast into a city only if they accepted to live alongside the orcs. The dwarves accepted and the city of Hammerfast was founded. (Hf, p.3)

CY-70: Chief Fangstrike of the Tigerclaws defeated the white dragon Bitterstrike. (MVTttNV, p.20, 100)

CY-60: A group of famous explorers and warriors who operated near Hammerfast, known as the Silver Company, delved into the “ghost tower” of Castle Inverness. The result was tragic—one of the Silver Company perished. Her husband, Salazar Vladistone, continued to adventure with the Silver Company for some years, growing more despondent the longer he had to deal with his wife's death. Eventually, Salazar sacrificed himself to save his allies and the people of Hammerfast from the catastrophic dragon Actherimos and his duergar followers. Salazar's ghost haunts the Nentir Vale as he made pilgrimages to the grave of his wife in the ruins of Inverness. Soon after, the deeds of the Silver Company faded into obscurity. (D&D Encounters: March of the Phantom Brigade)

CY-50: The hobgoblin Azarr Kul discovered the Fane of Tiamat in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. (RHoD)

The seekers never arrived at the meeting of the Collectors, and haven’t been heard from since. (DR385, p.75)

The eladrin Stella Daybringer (actually the steel dragon Irvythisk) infiltrated a bandits association hiding in "her" lands and became one of them. The unified bandit lords, now known as the Council of Peers, established the city of Barrinsgate. (DU172, p.62)

King Frem ordered sewers to be built beneath the community of Everwatch. (DR392, p.14)

The Tenebrous Cabal recruited the gargoyle Shard to serve its interests in Gloomwrought. (DU191, p.7)

Upon its founding, the dwarf Zirka Havenstone became the town of Silvergrail's first sheriff. (DU194, p.4)

Exiled from their people for their use of slaves, a group of dwarves found the city of Turak-tol below the Horned Hills, near Vor Rukoth. (VR, p 7)

The monks of the Enlightened Flame were killed in their monastery, the Dungeon of the Fire Opal, by a band of marauding gnolls who were searching for a great fire opal said to contain the bound spirit of a powerful efreeti lord, but they never found the gem. (Hf, p.6)

The infamous wizard Evard killed his rival Vontarin in a duel of magic. Seeing an opportunity to throw other enemies off his trail, Evard allowed the terrified people of Duponde to believe Vontarin had killed him and left the Nentir Vale. The inhabitants of Duponde interred Vontarin in Evard's tomb, believing the evil mage has died. (D&D Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard)

CY-40: Two rival adventurers, the human Jasyn of Therund and the dwarf Marholt Arlestone, were forced to rely on each other after a failed expedition into the Underdark. They became friends and founded the Deep Guides organization. (ItU, p.55)

The elf wizard Vanamere and the human fighter Lethion Goldenhawk married and built a tower south of the Cloak Wood. A few years later the tower became an important point to the defense of Nentir Vale, due to its strategic placement. When Lethion passed away, Vanamere interred him in a secret tomb beneath the tower, alongside their remaining treasure, including a gold-plated human skull, believed to be one of several stolen from the Temple of Yellow Skulls. (DU166, p.54)

After the death of Chief Fangstrike, Bitterstrike nearly wiped out Tigerclaw barbarians in a bid of revenge. The newly-appointed Chief Scargash made an alliance of peace with dragon to avoid the massacre. (MVTttNV, p.20, 100-101)

CY-30: An earthquake caused a large portion of Vor Kragal to rise out of the ashes. (DR364, p.19)

After uniting the savage tribes and gaining draconic allies, Azarr Kul founded the Kulkor Zhul, better known as the Red Hand of Doom, and tried to conquer Elsir Vale, but was defeated by a band of heroes. (RHoD)

Kirstal Galliston began to have nightmares. (DU177, p.49)

The bugbear Graala Bloodghost founded the Bloodghost Syndicate. (DR366, p.64.)

Prospector Uri Farwalker discovered the feral tribe of humans called the Haastani in the Bogtangle Swamp. (DR386, p.6)

Lord Bandor Imbran, a half-elf noble, was born in Sarthel. He will eventually seek to expose the Asmodean cult of the Iron Circle. (DR398, p.63)

Goblins launched an attack on Vanamere’s tower, and the tower was destroyed in the battle. Vanamere disappeared without a trace. (DU166, p.54)

The shadar-kai warlord Sharshan built a mercantile empire around the sale and brokering of weapons, armor, mercenaries, and intelligence from his outpost of Umbraforge in the Shadowfell. (DU158, p.5)

The eladrin Taleen Quirrelle was exiled from Mithrendain for suspected complicity in the dead of her spouse. She departed the city with a great deal of wealth, which she funneled into starting the White Lantern Company. Her beauty, cunning, and business acumen soon attracted other companies until she was able to form the White Lantern Consortium that exists today. (VR, p.8)

CY-25: The wizards Hasifir, Niame, and Samazar discovered the ruins of Saruun Khel, while seeking reliable access to the Underdark. Among the magic items they recovered were several command amulets, which allowed them to control the bronze warders, minotaur constructs built in the city’s heyday. The wizards used the bronze warders to establish a stronghold there—the Seven-Pillared Hall, and founded the order of the Mages of Saruun. (H2, p.2)

Vlaakith CLVII, in her madness and wishing to achieve godhood, worked to steal the divine spark residing within the One in the Void, inadvertently stirring the corpse’s consciousness. A band of heroes killed the lich queen and saved the universe from her mad schemes. Unable to elect a new leader, civil war erupted among githyanki factions. A githyanki named Zetch’r’r, who helped to defeat Vlaakith CLVII, compacted with Tiamat to unify his people under his banner, in exchange for the loyalty of the whole githyanki race, annulling her old compact with Gith and freeing her soul from Dispater's binding. Soon after, Zetch’r’r became the new githyanki emperor. (The Lich Queen Beloved, DU168, p.25, 30, 40)

CY-20: Denek, a priest of Avandra and retired adventurer, founded an orphanage. (DU194, p.20)

Kirstal Galliston gives birth to Redra Galliston. (DU177, p.49)

An upheaval in the City of Brass allowed some slaves of efreet nobles to escape. They created Gloamnull. (SotEC, p.74)

The fortuneteller Anezha was elevated to the position of matriarch of the Gloomwrought area Vistani. (DU191, p.30)

The Iron Circle, an Asmodean cult, rose to prominence in southern lands, portraying itself as a warrior society dedicated to stamping out disorder and driving back the encroaching desert raiders and jungle monsters. (DR402, p.35)

Radicus, a former student of Ironstone, who had been expelled for experimenting with necromancy, returned at the head of an undead army and was defeated. Aramcor Nera became Ironstone's headmaster despite the fact that he has only a passing familiarity with wizard magic, due to his skills in defeating Radicus. Fleeing the field, Radicus founded the necromantic academy of magic, Shadowdeep. (Dr403, p.8, 14)

A company of halfling explorers discovered the ruins of Vor Rukoth. Only one of them, known as Coyote, survived the adventure. He established a small outpost just beyond the gates of the city and spread the word of the ancient city. The highway leading to it came to be known as the Ruby Road. (VR, p.3)

The hobgoblin Sinruth founded "Sinruth's Hand", the self-proclaimed successor of the Red Hand of Doom, in the Elsir Vale. (DU156, p.5)

CY-12: Volarn, the leader of the Kaorti, contacted his last living relative in the World and began to manipulate him. (DU163, p.51)

A wicked blackguard named Parald made a name for himself by hunting and killing elves. He stole a powerful magic sword from one of the few elves that was able to survive his fury. The elf searched for her sword, but was unable to track him down. A cavalier named Richard chased Parald and defeated him in single combat. It’s said the body—and the magic sword—was stolen before it could be burned. The rumors said Parald's body was hidden in the “ghost tower” of the Witchlight Fens. (Red Box adventures)

CY-8: The citizens of Kiris Dahn abandoned the town when faced with invading goblin hordes. The town had endured a long decline under the rule of the Kiris family, and the citizens scattered rather than follow their ruler, Kiris Alkirk. Along with his advisor and seer Treona, Alkirk found a place to live in obscurity. The goblins overran the town and renamed it Gorizbadd. (HS1, p.2)

CY-7: Kirstal Galliston died after having suffered a horrible nightmare. Her daughter Redra began to have the same nightmares her mother had endured for 20 years. Trying to avoid her mother's fate, Redra became the apprentice of the wizard Bartleby. (DU177, p.49)

A band of evil adventurers known as the Six Blades of Fortune took Restwell Keep as their base of operations. While the Blades fought monsters in the Chaos Scar, they also preyed on other adventuring bands, and even raided a few caravans. In time wanderers, refugees, and other folk in search of a safe harbor settled within the keep. The Blades saw a benefit in the growing community within their walls, and allowed its development. Within five years, a small village flourished in the Restwell Keep. However, after stealing a holy icon of Erathis, the Blades were tracked to the keep and defeated by Lord Peridin Drysdale, a human paladin of Erathis. Assessing the threat posed by the Chaos Scar, Lord Drysdale decided to remain in the keep as its new ruler. He plans to organize expeditions into the Scar to defeat the evil that dwells there. More than a few residents, accustomed to the old regime, resent the paladin's uncompromising push toward order and morality. As a result, Drysdale's authority is weak in the village. (DU176, p.48-49)

CY-4: The halfling adventurer Reed Tinderfoot severely wounded a bear that was living near Riverslye Homestead, one of the villages of the Barony of Harkenwold. The bear, nicknamed Smiley Bob for the grisly scar the wound left in its face, coexisted peacefully with the halflings of the homestead ever since. (DU205, "Prey for Smiley Bob")

CY-3: The tunnels connecting the Ogrefist Hills and the Underdark city of Erelhei-Cinlu collapsed due to borrowing umber hulks, stranding a party of drow raiders known as the Hunter Spiders, in the surface. The Hunter Spiders sought the goddess Lolth for guidance, and she guided them to a forgotten elven ruins in the Harken Forest known as the Spiderhaunt Thicket. There, Ti'irtha Despana, a priest of Lolth, killed her consort and was "blessed" by Lolth, who transformed her into a werespider instead of showing her the way home. Since then, the few Hunter Spiders had been enslaving people of the Nentir Vale to search a new way to the Underdark for them. (MVTttNV, p.68-69)

A priest of Orcus named Kalarel uncovered the truth about Shadowfell Keep, after finding records dating back to the time of the original opening of the rift. Since then, he has been ceaselessly researching an evil ritual that he believes will allow him to shatter the seal and once more open the rift. (H1, p.2-3)

The red dragon Cazakk “the Blessed” came to the Nentir Vale. He sees himself as a crusader for Tiamat, and he enforces conversion with fire, fang, and claw. Considering all he can survey from his mountain home, including the lowlands of Harkenwold, to be his demesne, Cazakk has now set his sights on the wider valley. (DR370, p.54)

CY-1: A clan of shadar-kai under the leadership of Mistress Ranala, a priest of the Raven Queen, emerged from the Shadowfell through the rift beneath Shadowfell Keep. Ranala discovered through her auguries that followers of Tharizdun hid among Mistwatch’s people and went to the city to confront them, but failed. Over the next nine months, fog rolled in from the Wintermist Lake and surrounded the town. Disease killed most of the citizens and the city is infested by undead. The city lord’s wife died while giving birth to an aberrant child. The shadar-kai prevents anyone from leaving, as a carrier could pass along the infection. Mistwatch now sinks into the Shadowfell, where it might be destroyed or be transformed into a new domain of dread. (DU186, p.37-38)

6 months ago: An ambitious young dwarven cleric of Moradin named Aldus Splintershield, organized a group of settlers to found a new town in the ruins of Castle Inverness. Brother Splintershield hired some adventurers to escort him and his pilgrims to the ruins. (D&D Encounters: March of the Phantom Brigade)

Following visions granted by Tharizdun, the green dragon Vestapalk presented himself to Tiktak, the wyrmpriest of the Greenscale kobolds. Worshiping Vestapalk as a god and following his prophetic visions, Tiktak has begun to send the Greenscales to raid the area near Winterhaven. It seems they are searching for the Voidharrow. (MVTttNV, p.112-113; TMoN)

Rangers operating out the Cairngorm Peaks reported an alarming resurgence of activity among the Stonemarch orcs in recent months. They fear that a new Bloodspear horde can rise soon. (MVTttNV, p.34).

Tribal elders of the Emberdark kobolds in the Dawnforge Mountains have received signs from Kurtulmak, exarch of Tiamat, that Calastryx is nearing freedom. The dragonborn Thar, a champion of Gruumsh, is trying to bind the dragon to his god service. (Hf, p.30; MVTttNV, p.33)

Dythan's Legion arrived to the Nentir Vale recently to locate ancient Arkhosian ruins. Its members are all dragonborn that have flocked around the banner of Legatus Dythan, a charismatic idealist who seeks to raise Arkhosia from the ashes. (MVTttNV, p.44-45)

2 months ago: Lord Vhennyk and his Iron Circle mercenaries came to the Nentir Vale from Sarthel. With the intention of dominating the Vale, Vhennyk decided that overt operations would start in the Barony of Harkenwold. He tasked Nazin Redthorn with seizing the region, then hurried on to implement his other plans for the Vale. For now, Nazin is collecting information about Harkenwold, but he is planning to invade the barony soon. (MVTttNV, p.72; "Reavers of Harkenwold" adventure)

1 month ago: Founder Neelani, the leader of the lands of Delornen, tricked by her vizier Avonathemon (a priest of Vecna), made it known that she was considering a sacrifice tariff in which trading parties must provide a sacrifice to Erathis each year in return for the right to use the Relkingham Waterway. She has hope that doing so will allow Erathis to bring rain to the land, since her people are currently dealing with a long-term drought that has brought great hardships to all who live in Delornen. The citizens of Relkingham opposed the tariff, as they feel that human sacrifice of any sort is barbaric. Relkingham sent a group of diplomats to Founder Neelani to ask her to reconsider this plan. (DU158, p.83-84)

Current Year, Winter season (campaign starting point, according to March of the Phantom Brigade)

3 weeks ago: Redra discovered a ritual that opens a portal to the plane of dreams and believes is the key to defeat the creature from her nightmares. (DU177, p.49)

The remnants of the original Red Hand of Doom approached Sinruth and offered to join forces with him if he attacks Brindol and steal back the weapons and relics from the original Red Hand stored in Brindol’s museum. (DU156, p.5)

Having defeated the orc and goblinoid chieftains of the tribes of the Stonehome Mountains, the orog Tusk began to planning his invasion to the dwarven fortress of Bordrin's Watch, in preparation for a full scale campaign against Elsir Vale. He sent his lover, the shadar-kai witch Myrissa, to recruit the mercenaries of Umbraforge. (DU157, p.5; DU158, p.5)

A few days ago: Smiley Bob began to attack the halflings of the Riverslye Homestead. Nobody knows why the peaceful bear became dangerous, though some suspect goblin activity in the area. (DU205, "Prey for Smiley Bob")

Sinruth’s forces attacked Brindol, stealing the weapons and taking seven villagers as prisoners. (DU156, p.6)

The human wizard Anarus Kalton, the last surviving member of the Kalton bloodline, was killed by one of his apprentices, the dwarf wizard Traevus, who also stole his master’s books. The other apprentice, a human wizard named Malareth, is now searching Traevus to avenge his master and retrieve his books, that Malareth intends to use to finish his master’s evil ritual. In the meantime, Traevus is hiring adventurers to go to the ghost tower of the Witchlight Fens and retrieve his master’s dark grimoire. (DU182, p.5; Red Box adventures)

The vampire lich Magroth, the first emperor of Nerath who is now the dark lord of the domain of dread Darani, renewed his alliance with Orcus to free himself from the Shadowfell. He needs to destroy a renegade vampire lord tiefling named Sareth, reactivate the unholy City of the Dead, Andok Sur, and kill any surviving member of the Imperial bloodline, as it has been prophesied they will set the stage of Orcus's downfall. He has only a year and a month to accomplish this task... (DU187, p.36; TMoN, chapters 1, 49)

Bartleby the wizard is searching for adventurers who can help him to stop his apprentice, Redra, who is going to do something very foolish... (DU177, p.49)

Sareth, the daughter of the elf who survived Parald's massacre, is searching for the magic sword the blackguard stole from her mother. She has found some clues that led her to the "ghost tower" of the Witchlight Fens... (Red Box adventures)

Nathaire, an ambitious mage eager to master the power of shadow, is traveling to Duponde in search for "Evard's corpse" and magical secrets... (Dark Legacy of Evard)

Benwick, a fat friar who "worships" Avandra, Ioun, and Sehanine in Restwell Keep village, is actually a servant of the evil god Zehir. He has grand plans of turning the keep into a citadel for the snake god's faithful. He's courting the local lizard folk for his plot and trying to use the commoners worries and malcontent about Lord Drysdale rule to try to take control of the village soon... (D&D Encounters: Keep on the Borderlands, A Season of Serpents)

Reports of animal corpses and missing people near the Harken Forest have been turning up with greater frequency of late. The bodies bear signs of disease—odd lesions and growths... (March of the Phantom Brigade, Session 2 "The Abyssal Plague")


Hope this work can be useful to someone. It was fun doing it, so no regrets.
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Re: The (almost) complete history of the Nentir Vale

Post by Tim Baker » Thu Sep 15, 2016 5:28 am

This is great stuff! Thank you for compiling it all.
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Re: The (almost) complete history of the Nentir Vale

Post by Big Mac » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:08 am

This stuff is brilliant, Zeromaru X.

I wonder if we could get it compiled into a PDF at some point. :-)
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Re: The (almost) complete history of the Nentir Vale

Post by Zeromaru X » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:17 pm

Thanks. I've already compiled and updated (by reading the novels and with the help of a few scribes from Candlekeep) those info here: ... sp=sharing

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