Kalamar Wars?

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Kalamar Wars?

Post by Havard » Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:34 pm

Anyone thought of creating a world shaking event like the Greyhawk Wars for Kalamar? Perhaps it would be possible to adapt X10 Red Arrow - Black Shield to the Kamalar Setting?

What do you think? World shaking events are sometimes controversial when put out by the publishers, but it might be different if done by fans? :)


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Re: Kalamar Wars?

Post by Big Mac » Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:56 pm

Havard wrote:AWhat do you think? World shaking events are sometimes controversial when put out by the publishers, but it might be different if done by fans? :)
I think that my personal issue with world shaking events is that they can overshadow the actions of the PCs.

If you have a campaign setting where a central theme is world shaking events, then it is kind of built into the plan, and the PCs are going to be defined by how they deal with those events.

But if you have a campaign setting that is otherwise stable, and you introduce world shaking events, you can rapidly break down a lot of the in-character relationships that PCs have built up with NPCs. That might be "realistic", but it could make a player feel that a lot of their agency has been taken away from them. (And I think that is why some RPG fans rant about world changing events. I think they feel that their "game" is being stolen.)

Now if you change that from a commercial thing, into a plotline for an individual gaming group, I think you have something totally different going on.

Essentially, you could have a bunch of players in a Kingdoms of Kalamar game choose to take on the role of agents that are supposed to destabilise a region, to facilitate an invasion. Or they could be spies sent to check on rumours that another country is about to attack their own country. Or they could be guards, asked to help a member of a royal family escape an invasion, so that a resistance force could be organised.

Do something like that, and I think that people could have a lot of fun.

But I don't have good enough Kalamar-fu to work out where the best place for a war is.
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Re: Kalamar Wars?

Post by night_druid » Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:07 pm

A Greyhawk Wars scenario is already brewing in the Kalamar setting. Three main conflicts that I'm aware of:

1. a resurgent Kalamar (the Great-Kingdom-like kingdom for which the setting is named) looking to bring the breakaway nations back under its control

2. the hobgoblin nations looking to expand is always a threat

3 Greavens are migrating into civilized regions from the north, and have the potential to topple many a kingdom in their path
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