Any information on the Underdark of the Hordelands?

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Any information on the Underdark of the Hordelands?

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The Horde seems to focus on horse riding people, but is there any information on the Underdark below the Hordelands?

I don't recall reading anything about drow or other underground races, in the Empires Trillogy. I guess that a horde would be more interested in stealing land or resources from surface dwellers. But I would like to know how Underdark races might interact with the surface races in the Hordelands.

I suppose that a race like the drow or durgar might want to steal horses and take them below the ground to be used as food. And those races that keep slaves might enslave people from the Hordelands.

Has anyone seen any canon sources that document interaction between the races of the Hordelands and the races of the Underdark?

Has anyone created any fanon material that deals with this? Or do you have any ideas about how the two campaign types could mix?
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Re: Any information on the Underdark of the Hordelands?

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The 3rd edition FR supplement "Underdark" provided information of a few places in the area, such as "Deep Imaskar". The map provided showed a lot of other places such as "Deep Raurin" for example, but provided no information for them.
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