Is one FR-style Regional Feat option enough for The Hordlands?

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Is one FR-style Regional Feat option enough for The Hordlands?

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I was just thinking about 3rd Edition Regional Feats for Kara-Tur, to put it on the same level Faerûn:
Big Mac wrote:
Sat Jun 27, 2020 4:00 pm
I'm struggling a bit with Kara-Tur, as it's not been defined the same way as Faerûn has.

The 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting introduced the idea of Player Character Regions (and Regional Feats). One of the regions was The Hordelands on page 31.

Player's Guide to Faerûn updated the system, and included information for The Hordelands (page 12) and adds in Shou (page 14). But they are talking about all Shou as expatriates who have travelled west (when I want Shou in Shou Lung).

Races of Faerûn also mentions "Human, Shou" on page 108 and "Human, Tuigan" on page 109.

I believe that Shou Lung and Tu Lung are supposed to be one country that split. So maybe the Shou stuff from mainstream FR products might cover those two countries (or maybe Tu Lung could be hacked from what Shou Lung has, to make it slightly different).

But the nations of Kara-Tur don't seem to have their personalities in the game rules in the 1e Oriental Adventures. So I'm wondering how to add in some other details.

Does anyone know of a Web Enhancement or magazine article that does this sort of thing?
After watching the Re: Kara-Tur videos, from Don't Stop Thinking, I know I'd like the different countries of Kara-Tur to have more than one Player Character Region.

Now I'm wondering if The Horde also needs more than one Player Character Region.

According to the article for the Hordelands on Forgotten Realms Wiki, there are 15 different tribes:
Hordlands article on Forgotten Realms Wiki wrote:People

The Endless Wastes were occupied by many tribes who controlled loosely defined geographical locations throughout the region. Common belief stated that all of the people of the Endless Wastes were the same, but this was not true. Each tribe had their own cultural differences, separating them from the others with vivid clarity to one who cared to look closely enough. Listed below are the tribes of the Endless Wastes:
Theoretically, that means there should be 14 extra Hordeland regions added, to go with the Tuigan.

They do have different languages, at least.
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Re: Is one FR-style Regional Feat option enough for The Hordlands?

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I'm not too sure how 3rd ed set up the hordelands, but basing myself on my 2nd edition The Horde Boxset, there were speaking one of 6 dialects of Imaskari

Northern Imaskari
- Khassidi
- Commani

Northern Imaskari/Common hybrid
- Rayumvira

Northern Imaskari/Southern Imaskari hybrid
- Naican

Southern Imaskari
- Tuigan
- Dalat

Southern Imaskari/Imaskari hybrid
- Oigun
- Quirish

- Khagun
- Zomagedi
- Gur
- Fankiang


There were also other languages: Shou Chiang, Devic, Muhjun but those were of Nations at the border of the Hordlands
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