[4e] Hordelands Nomad Character Theme

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[4e] Hordelands Nomad Character Theme

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Just wanted to pass along that Kara-Tur month in Dragon and Dungeon included an article that has a Hordelands Nomad theme.

Fringes of Kara-Tur (character themes)

I'm still surprised that a Horde forum is here, but I think that's cool. I remember getting the boxed set real cheap. Haven't read the novels, though.
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Re: [4e] Hordelands Nomad Character Theme

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I was asking about Fringes of Kara-Tur in my thread, What did the Spellplague do to the Horde area?.

If you have a DDI subscription, perhaps you could surf over and give some answers.

Meanwhile, do you think the Hordlands Nomad theme would be enough to allow a GM to get a 4e campaign in the area of The Horde setup? Or would it really just allow players to run a Faerun based game with barbarians PCs using The Horde as background on their character sheets?
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