The D&D Next Adventures

The next iteration of the Dungeons & Dragons game.
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The D&D Next Adventures

Post by Havard »

D&D Next Adventure Series
  • Dreams of the Red Wizards: Dead in Thay (D&D Next)
  • Dreams of the Red Wizards: Scourge of the Sword Coast (D&D Next)
  • Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle (D&D Next)
  • Vault of the Dracolich (D&D Next)
IIRC these adventures were published before the 5E core rules were released. Are they still compatible with 5E, or were things changed in the last phases of the design process making the adventures problematic?

What is the general verdict on these adventures?

BTW, are there any missing from the list?


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Re: The D&D Next Adventures

Post by Bouv »

You could include the two published adventures for the Sundering...names allude me right now.

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Re: The D&D Next Adventures

Post by HobbitFan »

Murder in Baldur's Gate & Legacy of the Crystal Shard were the titles

I'll look for some Enworld threads to help you out: ... stal+Shard

is one. And you can check out the Enworld reviews too.

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Re: The D&D Next Adventures

Post by maddog »

I bought the pdf of Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle and just finished reading it. It included an early version of the 5e rules so I would say that it's compatible but the rules did change after it was published, so YMMV but don't let that ruin your fun.
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