OGL 5E ?

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OGL 5E ?

Post by shesheyan »

Do we have any news on when WoTC plans to allow other compagnies to produce official third party products?
I would like to see a Modern version of the 5E rules.

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Re: OGL 5E ?

Post by Hugin »

In the fall of last year, Mike Mearls suggested that they wanted to have something 'early in the new year' (paraphrased), so my guess would be any time in the next few months. Hopefully.

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Re: OGL 5E ?

Post by Marco Fossati »

Hope so! :D

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Re: OGL 5E ?

Post by Princess Strega »

From what I heard it was supposed to be out in January (heard from a friend in the industry). Honestly, I'll be beyond surprised if it is out early the year, that would indicate first quarter. I think it'll be likely that the 5EL will coincide with an announcement at GenCon.

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