Neanderthal PC Race

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Neanderthal PC Race

Postby Coronoides » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:13 am

This started as a conversion of the Neanderthal monster for 5e itself part of the Mystara monsters conversion thread. I then shared it with the Ice Age Roleplaying FB group and got some more feedback. After all this input I'm quite happy with the end result and thought some of you might have a use for it. The Ice Age as a a setting for D&D goes back at least as far as AD&D 1e when Dragon Magazine 68 had an article outlining an Ice Age fantasy setting.
(numbers in parenthesis are point costs as per reverse engineered race design system see my signature).

Speed 30, Humanoid type Medium size
STR+1 (2)
CHA-1 (-2)
Hunter: Proficiency in Spear and club as well as the Survival skill (0+0+2)
Tradition and memory: Accurate recall one month (1)
Mammoth hunter: advantage on attacks if opponent is currently two sizes or more larger (2)
Tough: +1 hit point every level (7)
TOTAL (target 12) 12
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Conversion & Review of Council of Wryms with dragon PCs compatible with other 5e settings (at level 5+). DRAFT: ... 8.pdf?dl=0
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