Shape changing druids overpowered?

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Shape changing druids overpowered?

Post by Havard » Sun May 19, 2019 8:42 pm

So, if a Druid in beast form is reduced to zero HP, he reverts back to his original form and then he can shape change again and to that all over again? Do I need to bring out dragons to kill them or what? :)


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Re: Shape changing druids overpowered?

Post by RobJN » Sun May 19, 2019 9:33 pm

Well, duh. Isn't that supposed to happen in every adventure??

So you revert back to your "normal" shape @ 0 animal-shape hp, with the hp you had before you wild-shaped. But -- excess damage carries over into your normal-form-after-you-transform-back.

So your answer, then, is to whittle away at the wildshape's hp until it's close to 0, and then deal a Massive Amount of Damage™.
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Re: Shape changing druids overpowered?

Post by Hugin » Sun May 19, 2019 9:55 pm

[Pre-posting edit: I got ninja'ed but here's my response anyway.]

There are several things that reign in the druid's wild shape. First, it can only be used twice in between short or long rests, so the druid won't be repeating it over and over again. The next big thing is that the wild shape starts as a CR 1/4 creature at first, improving to a CR 1 creature by level 8. The beast shape is well under the power level of the druid's normal form.

While in beast shape, you can't cast spells until level 18! (although effects from spells cast prior to changing shape are still active). That's pretty big right there. When you revert back to your normal form, due to being reduced to 0 hps in beast shape, you come back to the hps you had previously -BUT- any damage you took in beast shape in excess of bringing you to 0 hps carries over to your normal form's hps.

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