Tyranny of Dragons Re-release

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Tyranny of Dragons Re-release

Post by zontoxira »

It seems Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat will be re-released as a single book. Apart from new aesthetics and page count, this is also noted:
The new Tyranny of Dragons volume will update the adventures by incorporating feedback to smooth out the curve for new players, while adding resources previously only available online and adding never-before-seen concept art.
Do we have any further info on these updates and resources?
While I appreciate WotC's effort to celebrate D&D5e's 5th anniversary, I find it strange to pick an adventure that has been criticised for its linearity, odd pace and unbalanced gameplay.
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Re: Tyranny of Dragons Re-release

Post by finarvyn »

I have to say that in many ways the Hoard of the Dragon Queen is my favorite of all of the 5E hardbacks. I've run the thing several times, whereas some of the others I have thumbed through but never run. I think things fall off the rails in the Tiamut sequel, but the Hoard parts I like a lot.

However, since I have the original hardbacks I don't really need a new updated version.
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Re: Tyranny of Dragons Re-release

Post by shesheyan »

I've been thinking about this.

I didn't have as much problems with HotDQ because we played Mines of Phandelver first. The party was level three when they started the Tyranny of Dragons module. The railroady nature of HotDQ wasn't a big issue for me since its not a dungeon but a great quest spread out in several locations, much like a mystery investigation. My real beef with Tyranny was the lame transition between the two books. I had to create two sessions to breach the gap so they could get back to Waterdeep.

I sold the originals when my first 5e D&D group died down due to people moving away. I'll wait for the reviews before buying this one-book version.

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