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Re: Other D&D 5e Websites (& Free Downloads)

Post by haazeven »

Do you think you could add my website to the list? Link here => https://scarredlandslite.wordpress.com/

I have opened a topic for discussion in the Scarred Lands subsection as it is materials for the Scarred Lands, but it should still be useable in any (most) campaign ;)
My Slarecian Vault contributions - 5E resources for the Scarred Lands

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Re: Other D&D 5e Websites (& Free Downloads)

Post by Angelika Tatsu »

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Re: Other D&D 5e Websites (& Free Downloads)

Post by Limitless Adventures »

Hey gang!

We offer a great deal of free D&D 5e content on our page Limitless-Adventures.com (specifically http://limitless-adventures.com/freebies.php)

We also created a sample of our products and style that we're giving away for free (no pay walls or sign-ups required) http://limitless-adventures.com/fsample

We hope you're find them useful. Thanks !
Download free D&D 5e content from Limitless-Adventures.com

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Re: Other D&D 5e Websites (& Free Downloads)

Post by Mike Myler »

My website has many, many things on it. :D

Street Fighter D&D 5E Unofficial Homebrew PDF

Hyper Score Marvel (D&D 5E versions end at Emma Frost)

Many random builds for 5E including Afro Samurai, Samurai Jack, and the Joker

The Warhammer 40k D&D 5E Hack

A Star Wars D&D 5E Hack

Beztekorps D&D 5E Conversion (for anyone that digson Attack on Titan).

Ancient Greece in D&D 5E: The New Argonauts conversion

And then I have several campaign settings (superhero cyberpunk, eastern fantasy noir steampunk, apocalyptic sci-fi campaign setting generator, holy decopunk evil adventuring), all of which have four-five free PDFs to check out (not counting their finished book preview PDFs): check those out here.

(also thanks, and if you use any of it let me know how it went :D)
There are dozens of free PDFs for my campaign settings on my website! Veranthea Codex (a coterie of 6 diverse areas of play in one heavily detailed 380+ page Pathfinder RPG book), Hypercorps 2099 (superhero cyberpunk Pathfinder and D&D 5E), Mists of Akuma (eastern fantasy noir steampunk for D&D 5E), 2099 Wasteland (apocalyptic atomic fantasy D&D 5E), and Book of Exalted Darkness (holy decopunk and evil for D&D 5e)! Check em out!

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Re: Other D&D 5e Websites (& Free Downloads)

Post by Havard »

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