Selasia: Land of the Jungle Ogres

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Selasia: Land of the Jungle Ogres

Postby Big Mac » Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:18 pm

Selasia is one of the three Dragonlance sub-settings that features in DLR1 Otherlands. It is an island-based campaign setting based around the decendants of an ogre called Igrane, that became the Irda.

The Irda live on an island in a range of islands called the Spine of Taladas. The islands in this chain are (from west to east):
  • Vorm (aka the Island of Flame),
  • Odith,
  • Abshu,
  • Fedron,
  • Selasia,
  • Chandion and
  • Little Taladas

There are also a bunch of other unnamed islands (I make it 18) around the Spine of Taladas.

Has anyone ever run a game in Selasia and/or the other islands of the Spine of Taladas? (Or tried to run one?)

What other Dragonlance gamebooks are useful for a game set in this area? What novels give information about the people and lands here?

Are there any non-Dragonlance books (either D&D books or non-D&D books) that can help with iland campaigns?
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