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Selasia: Land of the Jungle Ogres

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:18 pm
by Big Mac
Selasia is one of the three Dragonlance sub-settings that features in DLR1 Otherlands. It is an island-based campaign setting based around the decendants of an ogre called Igrane, that became the Irda.

The Irda live on an island in a range of islands called the Spine of Taladas. The islands in this chain are (from west to east):
  • Vorm (aka the Island of Flame),
  • Odith,
  • Abshu,
  • Fedron,
  • Selasia,
  • Chandion and
  • Little Taladas
There are also a bunch of other unnamed islands (I make it 18) around the Spine of Taladas.

Has anyone ever run a game in Selasia and/or the other islands of the Spine of Taladas? (Or tried to run one?)

What other Dragonlance gamebooks are useful for a game set in this area? What novels give information about the people and lands here?

Are there any non-Dragonlance books (either D&D books or non-D&D books) that can help with iland campaigns?

Re: Selasia: Land of the Jungle Ogres

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 10:30 am
by Sturm
It seems the place is also inhabited by the Bolandi and IIRC the original Irda were mentioned in a book and I see here they still live on the small island called Aianatha but I do not know in which product the island is mentioned.

Edit, found, it is mentioned in Otherlands page 55. It seems the Irda supposedly are now reaching out to other people, so the book says..
The place could use indeed some PCs travelling there :)