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[Let's Raid] Dragonlance Campaign Setting

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:08 pm
by Big Mac
I want to play 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons and MWP never got around to making a Taladas Campaign Setting book, so I'd like to review the books they did and talk about what parts of those books would work in a Taladas campaign...and what parts would need to be dropped or given a new Taladas background.

I thought I would start off with the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Potentially, this topic could give us enough ideas for someone to make a Taladas Campaign Setting conversion document, but I'm really just doing this to see what is there to raid at the moment.

Here is an abbreviated version of the contents:
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Races
  • Chapter 2: Classes and Feats
  • Chapter 3: Magic of Krynn
  • Chapter 4: Deities
  • Chapter 5: Geography
  • Chapter 6: The Dragonlance Campaign
  • Chapter 7: Creatures of Ansalon
  • Chapter 8: Dragons of Krynn
  • Chapter 9: Other Eras of Play
  • Adventure: They Sylvan Key
  • Adventure: The Ghost Blade
I figure that I'll go through each chapter, until I stop getting any more replies about it, and then move on. First thing is the Foreword, which I think is going to be an easy one.

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Re: [Let's Raid] Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Foreword

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:11 pm
by Big Mac
The foreword is an easy one. It's a great summary of the creation of Dragonlance, by Tracy Hickman. But it says nothing about Dragonlance's sub-setting: Taladas. So I think this has nothing to add to a potential "Taladas Campaign Setting" conversion document.

Re: [Let's Raid] Dragonlance Campaign Setting - Introduction

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:53 am
by Big Mac
The Introduction is three pages long.

Here is what the Contents says is in there:
Dragonlance Campaign Setting contents wrote:
  • Introduction 5
    • Ages of Krynn 5
    • World of Krynn 6
      • Ansalon 6
      • Taladas 6
      • Dragon Isles 6
      • Other Lands 6
    • People of Krynn 6
      • Civilised Races 6
      • Things of the Wild 7
    • The Campaign 7
      • Epic Fantasy 7
      • Conflict of Good and Evil 7
      • The Influence of Krynn's Past 7
    • Where to Begin 7
The Introduction gives us The Canticle of the Dragon and a it of blurb about Krynn and Ansalon. There are themes here that should also apply to Taladas, but most of this is stuff that does not relate to anywhere outside of Ansalon. (I wonder if there is a similar poem that tells the story of Taladas.)

The Ages of Krynn are great, but the legends about these ages would be different in Taladas. (I wonder if the people of Taladas even use the same ages, or if they describe the past differently.)

The World of Krynn section needs to be re-written from the point of view of Taladas being the "home" area and Ansalon being the "other place".

The People of Krynn section is good. It tells you the sort of themes that a Taladas campaign should also have. There might be different "Civilised Races" and "Things of the Wild" but those two broad categories should apply to Taladas.

The Campaign is something I think is a vital part of Dragonlance. Taladas needs to be it's own thing, but it should also focus on Epic Fantasy, Conflict of Good and Evil and the Influence of Krynn's past. Things work differently in Taladas, but the gods are still there, with good and evil battling and things like The Cataclysm effect the entire world.

Where to Begin is good generic advice. Someone playing a 3e Taladas campaign probably needs to look at the same books, along with James O'Rance's netbooks.