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Draconians, the War of the Lance and Taladas

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:52 pm
by Big Mac
There is something about Taladas that IMO is the "elephant in the room" that nobody ever seems to talk about. And that thing is the backstory of the Draconian armies.

We are told the following factlets in mainstream Dragonlance (unless I've got something wrong here):
  • The evil dragons stole the eggs of good dragons and hid them in Taladas, in order to blackmail the good dragons into staying out of the War of the Lance,
  • The forces of evil went against their word (of course) and carried out rituals (each of which seems to involve a dragon, a Wizard of High Sorcery and a cleric) to transform one dragon egg into a number of draconians,
  • It took a while to get the draconian creation program right and some draconians were abanoned in Taladas,
  • The "useful" draconians were given military training, put onto ships and transported over to Ansalon, where they fought in the War of the Lance.
All OK so far, but why does this massive military operation not seemed to have had any sort of major impact on the people of Taladas?

How many evil dragons came over to Taladas with the stolen eggs? Do we know exactly where the kidnapped eggs were hidden? Do we know how many eggs were stolen? (Can we reverse-engineer this number from what we know of the draconian creation ritual?)

How about the draconian process itself? How many clerics and wizards were working on these rituals? What's the logistics for creating enough draconians for the sort of armies mentioned in the War of the Lance stories? Would additional clerics and wizards need to be trained to carry out the rituals, in order to create draconians fast enough?

Did Takhisis get wizards and clerics native to Taladas to carry out these rituals or did she get people to find wizards and clerics (and remember that everyone thought that the gods had abanoned Krynn during the entire time leading up to the War of the Lance) and bring them over to Taladas?

What did an army of draconians being trained in Taladas eat? Surely there would have been a massive impact on local cultures, as an army took all the food.

How long were the dragons in Taladas? What sort of effect would their hunting have on the local area? Did they kill off people in a zone around the dragon eggs or did Takhisis get them to lower their "environmental impact" in order to avoid alerting the forces of good?

How did they get the fully trained draconian armies out of Taladas and back to Ansalon? Did these armies march across Taladas to get to ports? Would they have met any opposition? Would there have been any talk about battles?

Where did the forces of Takhisis get enough ships to transport the draconians? Did they have partners (either in Ansalon or Taladas) who lent entire shipping fleets to the invasion force?

Would there be enough ships to transport the number of draconans used in the War of the Lance or would shiprights have needed to have cut down trees to build additional ships, at the same time as the draconians were being created and trained?

What sort of timescale do we have for all of this stuff?

Why did nobody apparently notice any of this? Was there an isolated area on the coastline of Taladas, that was totally under the control of the forces of Takhisis that handled this all internally, so that the rest of Taladas missed this?

It just feels to me that we have general details of this, but that the details just do not add up. There should be a lot of stuff left behind by the War of the Lance.

Re: Draconians, the War of the Lance and Taladas

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:31 am
by Tim Baker
Those are great questions. I'd love to know if there were canon or fanon answers.