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Background Music Playlists

Post by DMPexx » Fri Sep 28, 2018 4:09 pm

These are my personal playlists I use at my tables games for background music, that I've been working on for the last 2 years. At the time of this posting, there are 1,712 combined amongst the different playlist and more than 10,000 songs to be sorted still in the Placeholder queue. I and 3 others work on this on a weekly basis between re-listening to what's there and removing songs that don't fit like we originally thought. We also add in about 30-50 songs a week on average.

The songs are from Movie Soundtracks OSTs, Video game Soundtracks OSTs, Other playlists on YouTube, Covers, Originals, and more.

Someone recently gave me this link viewtopic.php?f=85&t=1860 from the Piazza Discord, so looks like I will be adding even more songs to the placeholders now. So thank you.

Some criterium I have for my playlists are the songs must be at least 1 minute, but no longer than 10 minutes per song.

I used to use to shuffle the songs in conjunction with for my virtual games. YouTube recently added a shuffler so I ended up dropping the randomizer. The songs are sorted by most viewed by default if you don't use the shuffler or other filters.

I'll try to keep this thread updated when we add more in. If you have any recommendations please feel free to add them to this thread.

Here are the playlists I hope you find some use of them either cherry picking the songs you like for your table or using the playlists wholesale.

Battle: ... w8jUMSff9t

Village: ... r0mTq_9yeJ

City: ... k-txTZqDAZ

Wilderness: ... zetCgMOnbw

Tavern: ... TZTF4xnQg9

Urban Dungeon: ... P_Kf2ejvt1

Town: ... FzYyUc5EIT

Underground Dungeon: ... aifBRdsT7o

Wilderness Exploration: ... XIHiDpJHqy

Horror: ... RUGB41OHdw

Wilderness Battle: ... JILbBQFZ96

Sacred: ... bhk2ynx0VF

Tribal: ... _sTtqK0IxM

Placeholder: ... ZxAq2yE7ay

Placeholder 2: ... Vt0XH7hsJB

Placeholder 3: ... qavjEEZ74Q

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Re: Background Music Playlists

Post by willpell » Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:02 pm

I don't have time to listen through all of these, but I'm glad you've provided these options for the benefit of those who, like myself, never get around to curating their own favorites list to be used as a resource.

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Re: Background Music Playlists

Post by DMPexx » Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:02 am

The following have been distributed to the above-listed playlists.


Bloodborne Soundtrack OST - Laurence, The First Vicar (The Old Hunters) Extended + Clean

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #28 - Blood on the Cobblestones

Wilderness Exploration

No Man's Land - Wonder Woman Soundtrack - Rupert Gregson-Williams [Official]

Fantasy Music - The Elven Prophecy

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivon OST- Reign Of The Septims

Celtic Music - Journey's End

Wilderness Battle

Justice League - Hero's Theme - Danny Elfman (official video)

Epic Fantasy Music - Dragon Empress

Celtic Music - DragonLand (Metal Version)

OST The Witcher 3 - Silver for Monsters

Pirate Fantasy Music - Rising Sun


Akame ga Kill! OST - Kinpaku - Akame theme


Celtic Fairy Music - Fairy Forest

CELTIC AND MEDIEVAL IMPRESSIONS harp flute bag pipes fiddle


Cloud Atlas - 21 - Cloud Atlas Finale

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #16 - Kaer Morhen

Underground Dungeon

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #14 - The Hunter's Path

[Persona 4 OST] 07 - Mayonaka TV

06 - The Greek Army And Its Defeat - James Horner – Troy

Emotional Music - Prison of the Soul


Dion Theme

08-The Dance

Wilderness Travel

05 Hans Zimmer - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron - The Chase

Fantasy Film Music - Fateful Reunion

Urban Dungeon

Chrono Cross OST - Dead Sea


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST-"Sum Total"=

Some slight pruning (removing of songs) has been done for the following playlists:

Wilderness Battle
Wilderness Travel

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