[BRP] Nephilim: Occult Roleplaying - Anyone play?

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[BRP] Nephilim: Occult Roleplaying - Anyone play?

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Nephilim is based on a French RPG, but was published in English by Chaosium using its own version of the BRP system. In this game you play powerful angelic beings with ties to ancient Atlantis who are reincarnated through the ages. Powerful human secret organizations like the Templars hunt and use Nephilims for their own agendas and there are other threats as well. Each Nephilim has picked up various skills in his past lives, some times including as much as three types of magic, enabling them to survive in this world and reach their goals and gain more power. As Nephilim rise in power though, their physical forms start becoming less human making their secrets more difficult to keep.


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