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[D&D] Unusual Strongholds

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:56 pm
by Havard
Matt Colville's Kickstarter recently introduced the idea of a Pirate Ship as a Stronghold. I believe another example in his upcoming book will be a "Barbarian Camp".

Have you used any unusual Stronghold types in your campaigns? What are more ideas for Strongholds? What effects would unusual Strongholds have in a campaign? I like Colville's idea that Pirate Ships and Barbarian Camps will eventually transform nearby hexes if they remain in the same location for a sufficient amount of time.


Re: [D&D] Unusual Strongholds

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:32 pm
by Big Mac
Havard wrote:What effects would unusual Strongholds have in a campaign?
CGR1 The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook suggests that a priest can build up a stronghold that has a major game-changing effect on a campaign. The priest has to cast the 4th Level Focus spell (from the Tome of Magic) on their stronghold, at the start and end of a year. The second time the spell is cast allows the priest's deity to break into that crystal sphere and gain the same access to the sphere as the local deities.

Re: [D&D] Unusual Strongholds

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:03 pm
by Dread Delgath
Our first 5e group had a portable stronghold in the form of the DM's own pocket dimension - a demi-plane that was limited in size, big enough to fool most who entered it into believing it was an entirely new world...

...until they circled back to the starting point whilst traveling in a straight line for several hours.

The refreshing thing about this particular demi-plane was that every time the portal was opened in a new place, it sucked in a new encounter area. The first time we witnessed this, a halfling village had mysteriously appeared in our pocket dimension - and the neighboring bugbear raider lair that habitually raided the halflings for food and slaves.

The last time we witnessed this, we were searching for the reason why the air in the dimension had been fouled. We tracked down the noxious fumes to a new 1 mile x 1 mile square area of ruined woods and the lair of a green dragon.

We couldn't fight the dragon, but my character Hellgirl came up with a plan that involved talking the dragon into voluntarily leaving our pocket dimension for 'greener' pastures. She agreed, and we dropped the green dragon, her treasure hoard (well... most of it), her clutch of eggs, and the ruined wood smack dab in the middle of an enemy city/castle.

Since this action derailed the DM's long range campaign plans for the enemy city & castle, when he left for college - after he wrapped up his campaign arc, he also announced that he would not give me permission (upon my assumption of DMing duties) to use the pocket dimension, because the NPC who claimed it as his own said we were "evil".

:twisted: That's Chaotic Neutral, to you, man! :lol:

I don't mind that he didn't want me to use his pocket dimension stronghold, since it was a little too gonzo for what I had planned for our continued exploits in the 5th edition implied setting. ;)