Here's an app to help with AD&D 1e & 2e PC and NPC generation

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Here's an app to help with AD&D 1e & 2e PC and NPC generation

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I played first and second edition for eons. I absolutely hated rolling up new characters, especially in later years when I no longer had every table memorized. So I made a bit of software to do it all for me.

It is built on HTML and Javascript, and can be run on your local machine or deployed as a web page. It will save you hours and hours of tedium.

I haven't deployed it to the web because I'm too cheap to pay for a domain and hosting. But it is free and available for anyone to use. I hope you all like it and that it lets you spend more time playing.

Here is the URL of the repository on Github: ... ookup-1e2e

How to Use it

First of all, it's far from perfect. So please excuse any little bugs. The numbers it spits out should be correct. If not please let me know. Or if you are a software developer who knows Javascript and HTML feel free to submit issues on Github or fork it and submit a pull request, remembering to make your own branch. Please don't submit to Master.

It is about as simple as can be. You download the zip file, and unzip it to wherever you want. Open up charSheet.html in a browser. Then you enter your dice rolls and basic character info into the form. It's mostly drop downs, so you won't have to type anything but your character's name and age. Once you have it all entered you click the button at the top. It will display all the stat look ups in the browser console.

How do you access the browser console you ask? In Windows Chrome, you press f12. Other browsers you'll have to look up how to open the console. Google this: "How to open developer's console in <browser name>"

You'll have to copy everything by hand before you refresh the page.

Oh, yeah, you can't print out the look ups because I didn't feel like doing another 12 hours of work to make it work well and look halfway decent.

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