If you have a chance,are you willing to sell your world?

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Re: If you have a chance,are you willing to sell your world?

Post by shesheyan » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:21 am

Big Mac wrote:
shesheyan wrote:
Big Mac wrote:Great! I wonder how many other Piazza members entered the WotC setting search.
I sent a submission for the 3E setting contest. ;)
Angel Tarragon wrote:I co-wrote an entry for the contest as well.
That's great! I wonder if it would be worth compiling a list of campaign settings that failed to beat Eberron. I know that at least a couple of them got published as 3rd Party Publisher campaign settings. I wonder if anyone turned their rejected campaign setting into a homebrew world.
The world was called DeVya. It had post-cataclysmic accents mixed with dark fantasy. Never had the opportunity to try it with players.
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