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Puns and Dragons – D&D Cartoons and Jokes

Post by PunsAndDragons » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:23 pm

Hi, I'm Steve,

If you like D&D related jokes then can I suggest you take a look at www.PunsAndDragons.com

My website is dedicated to 'single-pane' jokes and one-liners. I add one or two per week and take pride in not taking standard jokes and simply replacing with fantasy characters. (I also post them to Twitter and Facebook page - search for 'Puns and Dragons').

They range from surreal: "I saw an intelligent minotaur recently - or was it an oxymoron?"

Through silly: "I recently saw a bloke throw a lady in a habit - he was a nun-chucker"

To a bit naughty: "I know a masochistic were-sheep - she's a mutton for punishment"

I think / hope you'll enjoy them!

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Re: Puns and Dragons – D&D Cartoons and Jokes

Post by Big Mac » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:18 pm

Hi Steve.

Welcome to The PIazza.

You might want to pop over to the Introduce yourself here topic, and say a little bit about yourself and the RPG stuff you like to talk about.

You might also want to use your forum signature to link over to Puns & Dragons, your Facebook page and your Twitter feed (to save people you talk to needing to go searching for the links).
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