Dungeons and Dragons Valentines

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Dungeons and Dragons Valentines

Post by dulsi » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:16 am

Did you know Wizards of the Coasts made D&D valentines online? I wasn't entirely happy with them. More searching turned up Jessica Sheron's card. I like it but it was a little too personal to her. I didn't want the kobolds but I also couldn't draw heroes in the same style. So I created a valentine using OpenGameArt.Org.
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Re: Dungeons and Dragons Valentines

Post by Havard » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:21 pm

Nice ones! :)


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Re: Dungeons and Dragons Valentines

Post by Dread Delgath » Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:59 pm

I was thinking something more in the lines of "What did you do for your D&D session on Valentine's Day?"

I asked every player if they had plans with their significant others, or if they planned on playing D&D, since, Wednesday night is our de facto D&D night every week. Every player responded with something akin to "We love D&D more than our wives. We will be there."

Drake player: "I don't have plans with the wife tonight. I'll be there."

Tordek player: "I'll be there. D&D holds my love. Don't let Drake say any different. Jones Crusher wants to spend the day with him."

DM (to Drake player): "Jones Crusher can't wait... (+_+)"

Drake player: "Well Drake can't make it. He caught the flu so vertical may have to step in....."

Drake player (has another character named Verrick): "Verrick not vertical." (correction)

DM: "You mean Drake?"

DM: "Sorry, I only saw "Verrick not vertical" & thought you meant that Drake wasn't feeling very romantic."

Notes: Jones Crusher is the NPC female half-orc 13th level barbarian in the party. Drake is the human male barbarian (PC) and only other living person to best her in the arena. She now has a 'thing' for Drake.

The session itself was full of love. A Spectral Tentacles trap killed the Warlock's imp familiar, so the party tried a different tack to bypass the trap, only to draw the attention of several Vrock (Type I) demons. The Warlock tried a Darkness spell, blinding only the party, as the demons were not affected. To the warlock player's credit, he had no idea they were demons, going off my physical description of them as 8 foot tall vulture headed humanoids with spiky wings...

The party cleric, wielding a demon slaying sword however, was currently under a curse - a Fear of Darkness curse, and a failed saving throw that put him into a frightened condition - and he could do nothing to help. However, I had him roll d% and he rolled an 18 - just under the 20% chance that the sword could act if the wielder could not, if demons were involved - and the sword teleported the party out of that level of the dungeon.

After everyone quaffed several healing potions, the barbarians hadn't had nearly enough. They headed back down to finish the job - resulting in the warlock lying in a pool of his own making - but passed all 3 death saves, and 5 dead vrock demons.

Unfortunately, I had to call the game off tonight due to a powerful head cold. Too bad, though. I am looking forward to wrapping this leg of the campaign up.

Drake 9th level human barbarian (Bear Totem warrior)
Tordek 9th level dawrf barbarian (Berserker)
NPC Jones Crusher 13th level half-orc barbarian (Berserker)
Theo 6th level human warlock Fiend Patron, Pact of the Tome
Matte Kudasi 9th level human Cleric (knowledge domain)
Lorana 5/1 levelled Sorcerer (Wild Magic)/Fighter

No half orcs made out with any PCs during this Valentine's Day D&D massacre. (...and its safe to say that the demons weren't feeling the love either....)
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