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Webcomic - Oglaf

Post by willpell » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:05 am

This strip is frequently NSFW, but many individual strips are far more than D&D pornography. The comedic tone varies wildly; overall, browsing through the archive is an often-unsatisfying process. Which is why I I thought I'd go ahead and do it for you. Here is a handpicked selection of the strips I'd recommend, and a brief explanation of why. These choices are mostly from the subset of the site's non-sexually-explicit strips, unless marked to indicate that they are X-rated. As long as you avoid moving forward or backwards from the SFW selections, you'll be fine, and I hope you'll be tickled (intellectually speaking) by my choices.

Fountain of Death - middlemost of three strips revolving around an obvious Pizarro analogue searching for the Fountain of Youth. Only the third is even loosely raunchy (girl in bikini level), but this is the one I find most pertinent to the DnD-player mentality.

Fish - A typical example of how the creators of this strip, instead of or in addition to their minds being in the gutter, often riff on traditional fairy tales (in this case, the talking fish who grants wishes for its freedom). It turns out that even Magical Beasts often just want to be loved (not physically in this case).

Blue Door - (Language) - The first 8 strips introduce this character, the nameless apprentice to an evil thong-clad sorceress-warlord, whose castle he resides in when not squirming beneath her metaphorical stiletto-boot. I didn't link those strips because they really are just porn, without much thought put into them. In this two-parter, though, one of her Animated Objects has little success in furthering our hapless hero's moral corruption.

Skulls - This one has no particular applications; it's just funny.

Noblesse Obligee - (Low-impact male nudity) - just another cute twist on a cliche.

King-Shaped - This is my favorite one so far.

Honor (Explicit gay sex) - This is the first NSFW one I'm recommending; it's not anything that would turn me on, and I'd probably never recommend it if I did. But it's exactly the sort of transgressive, deflationary humor I love about this strip.

Fresh Horses (Explicit straight sex) - This is the first one I'll risk mentioning which does turn me on, but it also has an interesting idea in it, albeit a variation on one we've seen before (in "King-Shaped"). Scenes like this one provide an illustration of why I fervently believe the concept of sexually-explicit DnD is worth keeping on the table (no puns on either gaming or uncomfortable coitus intended ) as an option is worth the substantial risks involved.

Bad Falcon - (Borderline female nudity) - Here's a relatively tame appearance of the Apprentice's cruel mistress, testing out a recent tribute gift from one of her subjects. Evidently she has little respect for gnomes as a species. Her being topless except for pasties is the only questionable thing going on, aside from her general wickedness.

Princess - Another of those "undermining a worn-out fantasy trope" strips.

Cornwalling (Female nudity and low-impact straight sex) - it's not easy being a king's wizard.

Lapis Lazuli - (Female nudity, intensifying on later pages to full XXX) - This strip has three pages, but if you're not looking for porn, you can pretty well assume what's going to happen based on the first. The last page shows that the monks have learned their lesson, although I'm not sure their decision to protect their topazes more effectively was a wise move. (The punchline is the statue's inscription being changed to "We fear bees." Personally, that's not the way I would go about this scenario, even if I did share the monks' value system. )

A Very Deep Chasm - Be careful about showing off your talents, rogues...

Sanctuary - (Explicit female nudity) - One of many strips that show women in this universe being every bit as lecherous as the guys. If I were writing the comic, I'd have kept this joke at the innuendo level, instead of wordlessly showing the goods, but so it goes.

Relief (Vulgar language) - Better than any strip yet, this one shows us just how full of crap our fantasy heroes often are.

More to come!

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Re: Webcomic - Oglaf

Post by Sturm » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:15 am

Funny, I think I already saw some of them somewhere.
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Re: Webcomic - Oglaf

Post by Ashtagon » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:50 am

While not every oglaf comic is pornographic, many of them are, and at least one of the ones linked is, I'm going to have to lock the thread an delete the links.
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