"You CANNOT be a female dwarf sis!"

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"You CANNOT be a female dwarf sis!"

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Tabletop Loot posted a string of Tweets about female dwaves that is getting shared a lot on Twitter:
@TabletopLoot on Twitter wrote:onversation:

Boy (17?): NO! You CANNOT be a female dwarf sis! Did you ever see one in Lord of the Rings? HIW DO YOU HAVE 14 HIT POINTS AT LEVEL ONE? GAH I knew you shouldn't play in my game.

Girl (13?) Sorry...


Dad at the Table with them sees me looking over...notices my Gen Con shirt...cringes.

Boy: DAD Tell her she can't play with us.

Me: Hey, sorry for butting in, but do you have an 18 con? (Looking at the girl)

Girl: Yes...

Me: Dwarf Fighter?

Girl: Yes...

Me: Then you start with 14 hit points..
Also, Girl dwarfs exist - as a Matter of fact, the reason you never hear about them is because they are more of an elite fighting force that dwarfs only call out in emergencies.

Girl: *Visibly Beaming*

Boy: What DO YOU KNOW?

Dad: Son...Look at his shirt? You see that? It says Gen Con...he knows what he's talking about. Also, did you see the vehicle her got out of? It had a website on the back...look it up.

Boy: *Does...Jaw Drops...*

Girl: *Giggles*

Boy: Well...I still won't allow it.

Me: You don't have to, just like she doesn't have to play in your game and can start her own. Do you need books? I can get you the books I have some in the car...You can start your own group with your own friends.

Girl: CAN I DAD?!

Dad: Yes you can, and I'd love to play.

Me: *Gives girl Core set and the bag of dice I had on me*

Girl: Are you sure?!

Me: My sister got me into gaming. Maybe you can teach your brother someday too.

Dad: You had this stuff on you?

Me: My wife's out of town and I brought them for something to do during dinner.

Dad: Well thank you, so much. I haven't seen her this excited in a while.

Me: Merry Christmas!

Also, @thatparksgal....I need to order a new DMG and Monster Manual..
That's a great story. :)
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Re: "You CANNOT be a female dwarf sis!"

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Now this is the true spirit of gaming!
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Re: "You CANNOT be a female dwarf sis!"

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Awesome, I love it! ♥

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Re: "You CANNOT be a female dwarf sis!"

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This is the gaming content we need
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Re: "You CANNOT be a female dwarf sis!"

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Great story!

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