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Re: Calidar Map of the Day

Post by Chimpman » Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:54 pm

Ambreville wrote:They would be enormous.
True, but I was thinking more along the veins of areas like the "Bermuda Triangle". They may not be constantly active portals... but perhaps they are areas where the boundaries between different places/worlds are "thinner". Opening portals to specific worlds may be easier to do in such areas... or you may run across the occasional naturally occurring portal.

There are other possibilities for these areas as well of course. If the Eyes are indeed former asteroid impact areas, then they may be rich in magical substances. I could see boom towns springing up in these places as the different nations each try to make a land grab for the resources to be found there.

Or perhaps these areas are prolific in otherworldly monsters (having somehow hitched a ride with the ancient asteroids and managed to survive the impacts). Perhaps even some "immortal" level entities live here - gods that traversed the stars to find a new home on Calidar...
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Re: Calidar Map of the Day

Post by Thorf » Fri Dec 13, 2013 1:58 am

Whatever their nature and geographical origin, the fact that they are isolated from the surrounding terrain makes them very good places for settlement. It's the same idea as the Great Caldera - smaller and more isolated areas are easier to tame, which is a major issue with Calidar's reactionary natural environment. Settlement in large continents such as Eerien and Omfall is likely to be very difficult, because it will be impossible to tame the surrounding areas enough to guarantee the safety of settlers. Even if the surrounding areas were cleared, nature has a very long hand, which it could easily bring to bear on the settlements from an adjacent untamed area.

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