Divine Chess

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Divine Chess

Post by Chimpman » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:19 pm

The first and second episodes of the teaser articles, Into the Vortex and The Cleansing reminded me a lot of a scene from the old Clash of the Titans movie - you know the one - where Zeus walks into a huge room filled with thousands of alcoves each containing a small clay statue. He can then take a statue and place it on his "game board" (the world) and have fun moving his mortal pawns around in what amounts to a divine game of chess.

We know this is what happens to Don Lazaro/Azar in the teaser stories, and it seems like the main characters in the Star Phoenix all have similar experiences (though they somehow managed to escape their fate where Azar did not).

I really like this paradigm of having the divine interact both directly and indirectly with the mortal world, and I can't wait to find out more about what is really going on. In the mean time I thought we could speculate a bit.

Who are the Dragon Kings and Queens, and what is their game? It seems as if the Dragon "deities" all inhabit a single plane (for lack of a better word) - Draconia. They fight amongst themselves, but do they form a pantheon of sorts? Would this pantheon interact with other (non-draconic) pantheons?

If there are other non-draconic pantheons, do they play the same game of chess - pulling folks into Calidar from across the multiverse, stripping them of their memories and identity, and using them as playing pieces in some god-like game? Does the crew of the Star Phoenix fall into this category?

Thought? Ideas?
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