[netbook] The Riddle of Steel

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[netbook] The Riddle of Steel

Post by Big Mac » Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:45 pm

After discovering a "Fan Enhancement" for Stronghold Builders' Guidebook by someone on deviantArt called RavagerOfWorlds, I had a look to see if they had any other goodies there and saw that they also had a Conan PDF, called The Riddle of Steel. Here is the blurb on deviantArt:
RavagerOfWorlds at deviantArt wrote:Yes, I even made 1 pdf for Conan. It's an article that got rejected from Mongoose in the "idea stage" for not being "Conan enough"

Anyway, this was the first time I got to Deviant and a great guy named *VegasMike even did a freebie comission- I don't know why, but he's got a link in the PDF.

EDITED: Because taught me how to use icons and devlinks.
It's a 7 page netbook, compatible with Mongoose Conan, that was published back in 2005.

(The "Download" link is close to the top-right of the deviantArt page, in case you have problems finding it.)
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